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“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

Fall 2020: Engaged Learning Special Update

Learning by doing. That theme is the driving principle behind Engaged Learning at Rider. It’s where theory meets practice, giving you the opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills and insights you’ve gained in the classroom to real-world situations and professional settings.

A message from the Provost about the Engaged Learning Program and Transcript

Rider’s Engaged Learning Program is an intensely personal journey for every student. It offers you the opportunity to combine your academic interests, career goals and personal interests to create an unforgettable, meaningful education that is uniquely yours.

Because Engaged Learning is the backbone of a Rider education, we require every student to complete at least two high-impact engaged learning experiences as part of their graduation requirements. An Engaged Learning Transcript (ELT) will document your personal journey as you seek to connect the lessons of the classroom to the real world.

Some of your experiences will directly connect to courses, such as internships or fieldwork. They also will include activities outside the classroom, such as holding an office in a campus club or organization, volunteering for a community group, or taking part in a performance.

The Value of an Engaged Learning Transcript (ELT)

The ELT is a companion to your Rider academic transcript. Just as your academic transcript is an official record of the classes you’ve taken and the grades you’ve earned at Rider, your ELT is an official record of how you have effectively applied your knowledge in practical settings beyond the classroom.

Rider will send your ELT with your academic transcript each time you request that a transcript be sent to a prospective employer, or graduate or professional school.

To Learn More

For information or assistance with BroncNation contact Allie Koury, Coordinator of Student Involvement, at 609-896-5000 Ext. 7106 or [email protected].

For information or assistance with Engaged Learning contact Sandra Ober, Engaged Learning Coordinator, at 609-896-5000 Ext. 7055 or [email protected].

Always include your Bronc ID in all correspondence.