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All undergraduate students must earn a minimum of six (6) points spread across at least two of the engaged learning categories below to fulfill Rider’s graduation requirements. Students who transfer with 31 or more credits only need 3 points spread across two categories.

There are six categories of Engaged Learning at Rider:

Leadership and Mentoring

Our world needs leaders who can take action and inspire others. This category encourages students to take on leadership and mentoring roles that can make a difference on Rider’s campus or in the larger community. Leadership requires strong listening and communication skills; the ability to collaborate and reach consensus with diverse groups; and the talent to inspire others to action; and the confidence to delegate and share responsibilities with others.

Student leaders are an essential part of Rider University, holding more than 2,000 leadership roles. They run student organizations; manage services, publications, and a radio or TV station; sit on important University committees; allocate student fee expenditures; run student government; and provide guidance and support to fellow students. These positions of responsibility require students to plan and organize tasks, events, and functions individually or with the assistance of other students.

Approved Leadership Courses
Approved Leadership Experiences

Study Abroad and Cultural Exploration

Studying abroad can change a student’s life. It offers students the opportunity to discover a new culture, explore new places, and make friends around the world. It can have a positive and lasting impact on students’ career paths, worldview and self-confidence — resulting in future global leaders who have a greater understanding of world issues and are more respectful of other cultures and political and economic systems.

To achieve this category, students are encouraged to participate in an activity that will immerse them in a study abroad, global or cultural experience that differs from their own. Multicultural and intercultural experiences on Rider’s campus can also be applied for credit in this category.

Approved Study Abroad & Cultural Exploration Courses
Approved Study Abroad & Cultural Exploration Experiences

Guided Research and Scholarship

Undergraduate research is about being passionate and curious. It encourages students to ask difficult questions and pursue answers with insight and tenacity. Students involved in research have the opportunity to customize their education and to think for themselves, evaluate information critically, and explore a field creatively.

This category encourages students to pursue research that connects coursework with hands-on experiences in the laboratory, studio, library or field. By working collaboratively with faculty, students learn the latest research techniques, challenge themselves to confront complex problems, publish academic papers, and present findings at local, regional and national professional conferences.

Students also can engage in programs in academic and scholarly competitions held regionally or nationally, such as the Model United Nations.

Approved Guided Research & Scholarship Courses
Approved Guided Research & Scholarship Experiences

Civic and Community Engagement

Engaging students in volunteer community service is essential for the development of well-rounded citizen leaders. Civic and community engagement prepares students to be informed and engaged global citizens who can promote and further the goals of society.

Through this category, Rider encourages students to use their skills, talent and energy to benefit communities both within and beyond the campus. Civic and community engagement offers an opportunity for students to work collaboratively to address critical needs. Students benefit from rich, real-world learning experiences while learning to perceive and better understand both the complex nature of social problems and community needs, as well as the measures individuals and institutions can take to address them. General volunteer work and community service is also recognized within this category.

Approved Civic & Community Engagement Courses
Approved Guided Research & Scholarship Experiences

Internships, Co-Ops and Fieldwork

Field experiences — internships, co-ops, student teaching and fieldwork — provide students the chance to work in their field and gain practical, relevant hands-on experience. They provide insight into a student’s chosen field or career and the opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom in a professional setting.

Participating in field experiences is one of the best ways to prepare for a career. Students benefit from exposure to on-the-job issues and learning to network and nurture relationships while building their résumé and work-related references.

Approved Internships, Co-ops & Fieldwork Courses
Approved Internships, Co-ops & Fieldwork Experiences

Arts, Media and Creativity

The arts bring energy, excitement and creativity to campus, making learning richer and more meaningful for students. This category encourages students to explore the human potential for creativity in the arts, music, dance, drama, or creative writing.

Activities that satisfy this category may be creative in concept, expression, or participation. They range from the joy of writing a poem or short story, to performing on stage or composing a song, and participation in an exhibition.

Approved Arts, Media & Creativity Courses
Approved Arts, Media & Creativity Experiences