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Learn On A New Level: Rider University, Engaged Learning / Quick Guide for Faculty and Staff
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What is Rider’s Engaged Learning graduation requirement?

Starting with the Fall 2017 class, all undergraduate students must earn Engaged Learning points.  Traditional freshmen need to earn six (6) points.  Transfer students with fewer than 31 accepted credits also need to earn 6 points; transfers with 31 or more accepted credits only need three (3) points.

Points earned must be spread across at least two Engaged Learning categories.  Points may be divided among categories in any configuration – 1/5, 2/4, 3/3, 1/1/4, 2/2/2, etc.  The categories of Engaged Learning are:

  • Leadership and Mentoring (LM)
  • Study Abroad and Cultural Exploration (SACE)
  • Guided Research and Scholarship (GRS)
  • Civic and Community Engagement (CCE)
  • Internship, Co-Op, and Field Work (ICF)
  • Arts, Media and Creativity (AMC)

How do students earn Engaged Learning Points?

There are four ways students can earn Engaged Learning points:

  1. Take an approved Engaged Learning course.
    Course credits equate to EL points, with a maximum of three (3) points awarded for any one course.  Courses completed at other universities cannot be used to earn points at Rider.  At the end of each semester once grades are submitted and posted, Engaged Learning points get posted to DegreeWorks and on the student’s Engaged Learning transcript.
  2. Participate in an approved Engaged Learning Experience.
    Experience participation hours may take place during any semester while an active student at Rider.  No experience hours performed before becoming a Rider student may earn points.  Hours may accumulate across semesters or academic years.  Once hours total 20 or more, students must complete the correct experience form in BroncNation and submit a written reflection that will be reviewed by a designated approver.  The Engaged Learning Coordinator periodically sends the Registrar a report of points earned during each semester.  Points for experiences are awarded based upon the hours a student has invested, as follows:

    20 – 49 hours = 1 point; 50 – 99 hours = 2 points; 100+ hours = 3 points

    While students may earn one point after completing 20 hours in an experience, an additional point is not able to be earned in that category in the same semester until experience hours reach 50; then again when they reach 100.

    Division I Athletes
    Student athletes will automatically receive three (3) points in the category LM: Leadership and Mentoring each semester after the Director of Athletics submits the official NCAA roster to the Registrar.  Athletes do not need to do anything else in order to earn these points, however, like all students they still need to earn at least one point in a second category to meet their graduation requirement.

    Student athletes should be encouraged to earn one point for the New Student Engagement Experience during their first year.  Doing so will provide them with points in the LM category and the CCE category, completing the two-category graduation requirement.  See 4. below for details on the New Student Engagement Experience.
  3. Participate in Community Service.
    Students may spend time volunteering with one or more organizations, logging their service hours in BroncNation as they complete them. No work or service performed before becoming a Rider student may earn points.  Students may earn points by volunteering with any organization, either on campus or off campus, as long as a supervisor’s contact information is provided who will confirm their participation.  Community Service hours are approved by the Office of Service and Civic Engagement as they are recorded by students in BroncNation.  Hours may be accumulated over several semesters or academic years until they total 20 or more.  When service hours total 20 or more, students must attend a reflection session offered by the Office of Service and Civic Engagement, before they will earn the point(s).
    Points for Service Learning trip experiences are not community service but are awarded as described in 2. above (CCE: Service Trip Coordinator of Participant.)
    While students are eligible to earn one point after receiving approval of 20 hours of service, an additional point is not able to be earned in the same semester until service hours total 50; then again when they reach 100.  Attendance at a reflection session is required for each point earned.  No more than 3 reflections sessions will be required, but students are encouraged to continue to perform community service throughout their years at Rider.
  4. Complete the New Student Engagement Experience.
    Created for freshmen and transfer students to complete during their first full year at Rider, the NSEE provides an easy way for new students to earn one point while becoming familiar with all that Rider has to offer.  No matter which semester is their first, new students have one full year to earn this experience point.  To earn one (1) point in the Civic and Community Engagement category, students must attend any six (6) campus events from the groups listed below, with a maximum of two (2) events per group:
    • Sporting Event/Intramurals
    • Lecture/Workshop/Teach-In/Shared Read Program Event
    • Art Performance
    • Health, Wellness & Spirituality Event
    • Diversity Event
    • Campus Tradition Event
    All campus events may be used to earn this point, however, events sited must take place during the student’s first year.  Students should submit the six events as one experience in BroncNation using the form CCE: New Student Engagement Experience.  The submission will be reviewed by a designated approver.  The Engaged Learning Coordinator periodically sends the Registrar a report of points earned during each semester. 

Advising students

Engaged Learning is a graduation requirement for all students entering in Fall 2017 and after, and is introduced to students through:

  • Orientation sessions
  • Freshman Seminar
  • Academic advisors

Academic advisors are responsible for monitoring student progress in Engaged Learning.  DegreeWorks records a student’s progress towards graduation for all academic requirements and includes a section specifically for their progress in earning Engaged Learning points.

As students approach graduation it is important to review their EL record with them and make them aware of their progress towards meeting the requirement.  Points cannot all be in one category, so if they currently have earned 6 points in one category they are still required to earn at least one point in a different category.  Most students will meet the two-category requirement with coursework; others will need to explore different options to earn additional points in a second category.  See the website for a list of approved experience opportunities.

All first year freshmen/transfer students should be encouraged to complete the New Student Engagement Experience.  It is an easy way to earn one point by attending six different campus events.  It encourages students to get involved and explore during their freshmen year, to experience some of the great events Rider has to offer.

An Engaged Learning Program Advising Guide may be downloaded here.  It is also posted on myRider on the faculty tab under Advising Tools.  This one-page guide can be printed and referenced throughout your advising sessions.

Submitting a new course or experience for review by the Engaged Learning Committee

Faculty may submit a course or experience form in BroncNation for consideration to earn points.  Log in to BroncNation and complete the Engaged Learning Opportunities Submission form.  The Engaged Learning Committee meets monthly during Fall and Spring to review requests.  You will be notified through BroncNation when your submission has been reviewed.

Approving co-curricular Engaged Learning experiences in Bronc Nation

Using this step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to review and approve a co-curricular experience in BroncNation.  Print it for quick and easy reference.

The most important aspect of a student’s experience is the outcome they realize after completing it.  Each experience form requires a 250+ word written reflection which is the focal point of your review before approval.  The Guide for Reviewing and Approving Student Reflections provides insight and direction on what to look for while reading a student’s short reflection.

To Learn More

For information about or assistance with BroncNation contact Allie Koury, Coordinator of Student Involvement, at 609-896-5000 Ext. 7106 or [email protected].

For information about or assistance with the Engaged Learning Program contact Sandra Ober, Engaged Learning Coordinator, at 609-896-5000 Ext. 7055 or [email protected]

Always include your Bronc ID in all correspondence.