New Student Engagement Experience

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Earn the New Student Engagement Experience Point (Available to all Freshmen and first-year Transfer* students only)

To introduce you to Engaged Learning at Rider, you are encouraged to participate in Rider’s New Student Engagement Experience. This experience was created with you in mind, to introduce you to the numerous and varied opportunities available for you to participate in on campus.  Only during your first year at Rider, you can earn one (1) point in the Civic and Community Engagement category by attending six (6) campus events.

* No matter which semester is your first, you have one full year to complete this experience.  If a spring semester transfer, you have through fall to earn your point!

To earn one point, attend six events from the following categories, with a maximum of two (2) events per category.

Available Categories

Sporting Event/Intramurals 
Examples: Rider Broncs soccer game, participate in intramurals 
Lecture / Workshop / Teach-In / Shared Read Event
Example: Shared Read Book Club, Social Media Addiction lecture
Art Performance
Examples: Rider play performance, art gallery showing
Health, Wellness & Spirituality Event
Examples: Strive to Thrive Workshop,  Oct-SOBER-Fest
Diversity Event
Example: Celebration of Lights, Martin Luther King Day of Service event
Campus Tradition Event 
Example: Cranberry Day festivities, Winter Weekend

What happens after I attend six campus events?

Complete a form in BroncNation.  The form has prompts throughout to assist you in completing the fields.  In the contact information field enter the name and contact information for your Freshmen Seminar (NCT) leader or, if a transfer student, enter the word Transfer.

Log in to BroncNation. Select the circle with your initial to open a menu to the right.  Select Experiences to open a new page.  From the “Add Experience” menu select CCE: New Student Engagement Experience.  List all six events you have attended in one experience form as one submission.  Write a thoughtful reflection, speaking about each event individually.  You will find step-by-step instructions here.

After your submit the form a designated faculty or staff member (your freshman seminar leader at Lawrenceville or another approver if you are a transfer student) will review your New Student Engagement Experience submission.  Once approved, by the end of the semester a report will be sent to the Registrar to record your point earned.  Then, the experience will be listed on your Engaged Learning Transcript. Occasionally an experience is not approved but could be returned to you with suggestions on how to improve the reflection,  You will have the opportunity to make edits and resubmit it for another review.  If your experience is denied, you may appeal that decision with your academic dean.

To Learn More

For information or assistance with BroncNation contact Allie Koury, Coordinator of Student Involvement, at 609-896-5000 Ext. 7106 or [email protected].

For information or assistance with Engaged Learning contact Sandra Ober, Engaged Learning Coordinator, at 609-896-5000 Ext. 7055 or [email protected].

Always include your Bronc ID in all correspondence.