Rider University Maker Space

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The Rider University Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Maker Space is open to students, faculty, and all members of the Rider community, free of charge. For more information or specific needs, please contact Robert Trinneer, our GA ([email protected]).

The Maker Space provides the following services:

  • 3D Printing: The Maker Space provides two 3D Printers with the capacity to turn digital designs into physical objects. 
  • SOLIDWORKS:  We have installed SOLIDWORKS on several computers on campus for anyone to use. SOLIDWORKS is a 3D modeling software.
  • Assistance: The Maker Space provides technical and software assistance. If you would like assistance from a professional on how to use Solidworks, please contact

Printing Policies

Rider University Maker Space´s 3D printers may only be used for lawful and noncommercial purposes.  Individuals who choose to use Rider University Maker Space will not design or create products that are:

  • Prohibited by local, state or federal law
  • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or a potential threat to the well-being of others
  • Inappropriate or offensive in a public university environment
  • In violation of another individual's intellectual property rights

The Maker Space at Rider University reserves the right to refuse the printing of materials. 

Bring your design to life! 

There are 3 computers available on the Rider campus with the Solidworks system. You can find 2 computers in the Rider library and 1 in the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. 


Tinkercad is an easy-to-use 3D Cad design tool. You can log into the program from any computer. We believe that this tool will be more accessible to students wishing to create 3D models.                                                                     

External Information on how to use Solidworks can be found at: