2021 Norm Brodsky Business Concept Competition

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The Norm Brodsky Business Concept Competition

About Norm Brodsky
The personification of the word “entrepreneur”, Norm Brodsky ’64 launched eight successful businesses before he began sharing his strategies as the author of the popular Street Smarts column in Inc. Magazine.

Brodsky is also the author of the book The Knack: How Street Smart Entrepreneurs Learn How to Handle Whatever Comes Up. Norm and his wife Elaine enjoy sharing their expertise and mentoring business owners as well as entrepreneurial students.

Prizes for the High School Senior Competition:
1st Place: 4-year, full-tuition scholarship* + a plaque + a trophy for your high school
2nd Place: A plaque.
3rd Place: A plaque.
*Scholarship is to attend Rider University and is contingent upon the student being accepted at Rider University, and continuing as a Rider student in good standing.

Prizes for the High School Sophomore and Junior Competition:
1st Place: $750 + plaque + trophy for your high school + automatic entrance to the finals when you are a senior*
2nd Place: $250 + plaque.
3rd Place: A plaque.
*Automatic entrance to the finals assumes student formally applies to the competition as a senior – the student can use a similar or different concept.

Entry Deadline
November 15, 2020 (applications submitted after the 11:59 pm deadline will be entered into next year's competition)

Live Finale
January 23, 2021 starting at 2:30 pm

WHAT is the Norm Brodsky High School Business Concept Competition?
The Norm Brodsky Business Concept Competition is designed to recognize and promote exceptional effort, skill, and creativity among high school students.

WHO is eligible?
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors at any high school.

ONE competition or two?
While all sophomore, junior and senior high school students are eligible to apply, the competition will take place in two divisions.  Sophomores and juniors will compete in the lower division while seniors compete in the higher division.

However, all finalists (and family and friends) for both divisions are invited to the live finale and banquet.

HOW do students apply?
Complete the online application below.

HOW are winners selected?
A set of judges review all entries.  The top five entries in each division will be invited to present their business concept at Rider University before a panel of judges.  Scores will then be totaled to determine final placement. If you are a finalist in the senior division and are coming from beyond the local area, Rider University will provide transportation and lodging for the senior finalist. Rider does not want distance to deter a senior from entering the competition.

WHEN are the awards conferred?
Final placement and awards will be announced at the banquet following the live finale.

For More Information, please contact:
Lisa Teach
[email protected]

Business Concept

The 400 (maximum) word business description should clearly identify the product or service, who or what is the typical customer for this product or service, why the customer will want this product or service, and describe how the product or service will be provided to the customer.

The following factors are essential in any successful Business Concept:

  • The product and/or service is clearly identified [so that readers / judges can easily visualize the product or service]
  • The market being addressed (the customers) is clearly identified, and is of sufficiently large enough quantity to support the business concept
  • The reason that the market wants/needs this product/service is clearly identified and addresses a real want/need of the potential customers
  • The method and/or location of delivering the product/service appears reasonable for the concept and is clearly identified (e.g. retail outlet in downtown Princeton NJ, or Internet-based e-commerce site, or selling products via established retail chain such as Gap or Justice)
  • The source(s) of revenue are clearly identified

Additional factors that will help your business concept with regard to the competition:

  • The name identified for the business or product/service makes sense in regard to the overall business concept [will the name attract potential customers to the product/service]
  • The idea/opportunity is creative and/or original*
  • The market opportunity and potential returns are large enough to support the business and appear to be reasonable/believable
  • Your passion and reason for wanting this business concept to succeed is clear
  • Your written material is presented in a clear, concise, and logical order with proper spelling and grammar.

* The business concepts proposed should be new or innovative in some way as we desire to encourage out-of-the-box thinking. However, the concepts should also be reasonably feasible and technically possible. Therefore, please don’t submit flying carpets, magic pills, automobile engine that runs on nothing, unless you also submit evidence of the concepts’ feasibility.

Good Luck!

Below, enter your business concept information. Please do not include your full name or any links within the written business concept.

Note: This description must not exceed 400 words.