Westminster Choir College Update

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Westminster Choir College Update Webcasts

View recordings of the March 4, 2018 webcasts of Dean Marshall Onofrio and Kaiwen Education Project Manager Larry Livingston sharing information about Westminster's transition and responding to questions from alumni and parents of current and prospective Westminster Choir College students.


A Comprehensive Analysis

In October 2016, the Rider University Board of Trustees authorized the creation of the Westminster Special Committee (WSC), which consisted of 11 Trustees and senior staff members. The WSC was charged with conducting a comprehensive analysis of a one-campus model, focusing on the feasibility of relocating Westminster Choir College to the University’s Lawrenceville campus. The WSC ultimately determined it was both appropriate and necessary to include in its study an analysis of the challenges and opportunities Rider faces as a whole beyond Westminster.

As part of the resolution, it was concluded that neither keeping Westminster at its current location in Princeton nor consolidating Westminster onto the Lawrenceville campus would achieve the strategic goals of the University. Recognizing the special nature of Westminster’s programs, the University has determined to pursue with the assistance of an outside firm several options aimed at preserving Westminster’s strong legacy.

Westminster Choir College Update

In this process, the University will seek an institution to purchase the campus and operate the Westminster programs in Princeton or to acquire and relocate the Westminster programs to a new location. This process will take place over the course of the next 12 months.

The Board of Trustees and the Administration are confident that these actions will help preserve and enhance both Westminster and Rider University as a whole and enable the University to move strongly toward a brighter future.


Rider University’s Board of Trustees has determined to evaluate options related to Westminster Choir College (WCC) and the associated campus property, driven by the following Guiding Principles:       

  • Potential to provide short-term and long-term financial stability for WCC and the University as a whole so both institutions are able to move forward with a high level of quality
  • Commitment to preservation and enhancement of the ongoing integrity of the WCC history, brand, mission, artistic standards and programs
  • Quality of the potential WCC partner, including its mission, reputation, culture and objectives, and, as possible measures thereof, its student outcomes, accreditations, enrollments, tuition and scholarship structure, performance statistics, endowment and giving record, and financial and programmatic resources
  • The likelihood of completion of a transaction with the partner, including financial strength, timing, overall complexity, contingencies and conditions
  • The interests of WCC stakeholders, including administration, faculty, staff, students, Coalition / Westminster Leadership Council, alumni and donors
  • Strong sale proceeds to provide meaningful new program / facility investments in Lawrenceville to grow Rider enrollments
  • Impact on Rider’s mission, reputation, culture and objectives

This website was created to provide information about the Board’s announcement, including a list of FAQs, and will be regularly updated to keep the University community informed on Westminster's transition.

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