Statement on AIDS and HIV

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Rider University makes the following statements on its legal, ethical, educational, and procedural responsibilities regarding AIDS and HIV:

  1. Rider University affirms its obligation to provide the most current education regarding transmission of HIV and education about the medical conditions known as HIV and AIDS.  Specifically, transmission of HIV occurs primarily through contact with semen, vaginal secretions, or the blood of an HIV-infected person.
  2. The confidentiality of any person infected with HIV or AIDS is respected.  Given the current medical information about HIV/AIDS, there is no justification to warn others of the presence on campus of someone with AIDS or a positive HIV antibody test.  It is the right of any person with HIV or AIDS to decide with whom and how this personal information is or is not shared.  Therefore, in accordance with American College Health Association guidelines and compliance with federal and state laws, regulations and policies that protect the confidentiality of student medical and educational records, no person, agency, insurer, employer, or institution will be provided any m3edical information without the prior written consent of the individual.
  3. Any form of discrimination against any person or groups of people who have or who are perceived to have the HIV infection is unwarranted and inappropriate.  Any person with HIV/AIDS is guaranteed equal accessibility to any campus facility or activity.  Harassment of any kind against any person or groups of people who have or who are perceived to have the HIV infection falls under the jurisdiction of the Policy on Harassment.  Such individuals retain all the rights described in that policy.
  4. The primary department with current HIV/AIDS-related information on this campus is the Student health Services.  This information is disseminated throughout the Rider community through the offices of Residence Life, the Counseling Center, and the Dean of Students.  All campus departments and offices should develop specific procedures for the dissemination of information.