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Undergraduate Marketing Major

Undergraduate Marketing Major

Knowledge & Communications Analyst, Johnson Controls
Majors: Marketing, Advertising

Knowledge & Communications Analyst, Johnson Controls
Majors: Marketing, Advertising

A degree in marketing provides students with the knowledge they need to compete in today’s global marketplace. Graduates from the marketing program enter the workforce with a strong background in business, a critical understanding of consumer behavior, ad trends and the know-how needed to reach target audiences and to promote services and products.

As a marketing major at Rider, students have the choice of pursuing one of five marketing tracks: general marketing, advertising, digital marketing, pharmaceutical and health care marketing, or professional selling.  These tracks provide all marketing majors with the foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for a marketing career while offering students the opportunity to focus their curriculum on a path that best suits their career interests and goals.

Possible employment opportunities can be found with profit and non-profit and public or private organizations marketing goods or services to consumers, businesses or other organizations.

As a Marketing major, students will learn:

  • to develop strategies for achieving marketing objectives in a rapidly changing economic, political, and social environment

  • to think critically with respect to the decisions that marketers and advertisers face

  • to assess the impact of marketing and advertising on both domestic and global societies

  • to understand the relation between marketing and advertising and other business functions, such as finance

  • to communicate more effectively both verbally and in writing to various audiences.

For more information, please contact:

Headshot of Anubha Mishra
Associate Professor and Marketing Chairperson
Sweigart Hall 352

Background Information

  • Ph.D. University of Arizona, Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, Retailing and Consumer Sciences, 2011


  • American Marketing Association

Refereed Articles

  • Haywood, E. & Mishra, A. (forthcoming). Building a culture of business analytics: A marketing analytics exercise. International Journal of Educational Management, Special Issue: The Human Side of Management