ENT 420: Student Venture Experience (SVE)

Students in SVE actually launch and run a venture with faculty guidance for one semester. This course is an elective course for seniors in the Entrepreneurial Studies major. Students must have completed a business plan that is ready for execution.


  • Understand the entrepreneurial process
  • Learn fiscal discipline
  • Handle running a business and coping with the unexpected

Student ventures needing financial assistance for the SVE can apply for, and if approved, receive a no-interest matching loan of up to $5,000 through the Rider University Student Venture Fund (RUSVF).

RUSVF Requirements:

  • Student should match at least 100% of the requested loan amount
  • Student must submit their business plan to an advisory board for review
  • Student must be enrolled in the SVE course
  • Student must have completed New Venture Planning (ENT 410) OR prepared a comprehensive business plan for the venture.

This unique course combines training, mentoring, and financing so students can launch their venture while learning.