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First-Year or Transfer College Students: Residency Requirement

Two-year residency requirement effective for the Freshman Class entering in September 2019.

Fall 2020 Housing Portal opens on February 15

For all first-year college students who will be attending a college or university for the first time OR transfer students having attended a college or university after having taken at least one semester of classes at another institution and you're looking for housing.

2020-2021 Academic Year: Room Selection Process Timeline 

  • February 15: Housing application opens to students with deposits in place
  • February 15 - June 5: Roommate Matching
  • May 1: Housing accomodations paperwork deadline
  • May 1: Contact LLC leads to follow-up with their students
  • May 1: Email students that have deposited but not submitted applications
  • June 1: Housing deposit deadline
  • June 1: Housing application deadline
  • June 1: Email students that have deposited but not submitted their applications 
  • June 5: Roommate matching confirmation deadline
  • June 8: Lottery numbers and timeslots emailed to students
  • June 15-17: LLC Room Selection
  • June 18-26: Standard Room Selection
  • June 29: Begin Follow Up
  • July 15, August 3 & 17: Room assignment and opening information emails sent to students

The information provided below will help to clarify the process and provide additional answers to frequently asked questions.

Applying for Housing

To apply for housing as a first-time or transfer student you must follow the steps and requirements below.

Steps to Apply for Housing

  1. Log-on to MyRider
  2. Click on the Student Information tab and then click the iPay link under the Finances channel. Submit a $200 housing deposit by May 1.
  3. Note: We do not guarantee housing for any students that submit deposits after May 1st.
  4. Complete the other phases of your housing process in the MyRider Student Information Tab by clicking on the Housing Portal link located under the Campus Contacts channel.

Housing Requirements 

To qualify for housing, you must:

  • Have paid all your deposits by the deadline
  • Be a full-time student
  • Be registered for classes

What is the portal and how do I access it?

The housing portal is the online housing system that allows students the opportunity to manage all phases of the housing selection process.  Students that have paid the $200 housing deposit by the deadline will be able to log on to their myRider accounts and click the Housing Portal link.

What do I need to do to participate in Room Selection?

Students that have paid the $200 housing deposit by the deadline will have access to the housing portal.  On the portal students will be able to complete their application, form groups for apartment and suite housing, search for roommates or create roommate pairings for standard housing and select their housing and meal plans.

Students are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and respect at all times during the room selection process. Any attempted manipulation of the room selection process results in fewer housing options for all students and a more stressful experience overall.

What if I cannot attend standard room selection?

All room selections will be completed via the online housing portal.  Students will be able to log on to their myRider accounts and click the Housing Portal link.

I missed the deadline, can I still apply for housing?

Applications will be accepted on the housing portal at any time.  Housing options become limited the longer you wait to apply.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

All residential students are required to participate in one of the University’s full meal plans.

Housing Deposit and Cancellation Policy

What if I do not pay the housing deposit on time?

Deposits and housing applications will continue to be accepted however you may have limited residence hall choices.

Is the deposit refundable?

Once you have selected a room assignment, the deposit is not refundable. Students may request a refund before they have selected a standard room assignment. Refund requests are not processed until after room selection has concluded.

Please view our full Cancellation Policy here.

Room Assignments

How will I be notified of my room assignment?

Students will be notified of their room assignment information prior to the start of Fall semester in mid-August. Rider’s room assignment process is based on the following:

  • Based on the date we receive your housing deposit. Due to the overwhelming demand for housing, if your housing deposit is not received on time then you run the risk of not having guaranteed housing in the residence halls.

  • Academic based learning communities such as BHP and Science; preferences for wellness or first-year experience; group affiliation-athletic teams. (Lincoln)- Suite Style- Upperclassmen.

Roommate Selection 

Do I have to have a roommate to select a room?

Students participating in standard room selection are not required to designate a roommate. As part of the housing process, each student is required to complete a roommate matching questionnaire.  This questionnaire is designed to provide students with the opportunity to search for potential roommates based on their online profile.

If you wish not to pair yourself with someone prior to room selection, you may select the space of your choice and the next person looking for a space will have the option to select the open bed in the space that you have chosen.

May I select a roommate with a current student?

Incoming students are not able to pair with current students.

Room Selection Lottery

How am I assigned a lottery number?

Lottery numbers are based on your deposit date.

When will I get my lottery number?

After students complete an application individual lottery numbers will be emailed to their Rider email account. For specific dates please refer to the Room Selection Process Timeline.

How do I know when my standard room selection time slot is?

Individual time slots will be emailed to your Rider email account. For specific dates please refer to the Room Selection Process Timeline. Students will also be able to find their lottery numbers and timeslots on the housing portal.

Can lottery numbers be sold or traded with another resident?

No. Each number is specific to each student.

Medical Accommodations 

What if I want to request an air conditioner?

Students seeking an air conditioner based on a severe medical condition or disability must complete the form Housing/Dining Request for Students with Disabilities or Severe Medical Problems which can be found on the Students Accessibility and Support Services website.

All requests should be submitted on or before May 1st to ensure a timely review prior to the start of room selection.

What if I need to be off the meal plan for medical reasons?

Students seeking to be exempt from the meal plan based on a severe medical condition or disability must complete the form Housing/Dining Request for Students with Disabilities or Severe Medical Problems which can be found on the Housing Accomodations webpage.

Summer/Winter Break Housing

Is housing available during the summer or winter break?

In an effort to provide residence hall security during a time when the residence halls are closed, we have created guidelines for students who remain on campus through vacations. 

Please note the information below and be cautious as you come and go. We ask your cooperation in abiding by these regulations as you have been granted the privilege of staying in the halls when school is not in session.

  • Only those students whose names are submitted to Residence Life by a coach, faculty or administrative staff member are permitted to reside on campus during vacations.

  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted, regardless of legal age. THE CAMPUS IS DRY WHEN THE UNIVERSITY IS CLOSED.

  • No cooking in student rooms.

  • No guests are permitted.

  • There will be no mail delivery.

  • All students approved to stay will be held financially accountable for any damage in their hall during the vacation. This will include cleaning fees, if necessary.

  • All other Social Code regulations remain in effect during this time.

  • Doors and windows are to be closed each time you exit the building. PLEASE DO NOT PROP DOORS.

  • Call Public Safety (X5029) immediately if you notice strangers in or around the building.

  • In the event of a fire alarm, evacuate immediately. Public Safety will respond and instruct you when you may re-enter the building.

Violation of any of these guidelines may result in the immediate revocation of housing privileges.

Winter Break Housing 

Students enrolled in JTerm may take advantage of the JTerm housing rate.  Housing is available for current residential students registered in JTerm.  Housing is not available for high school students or visiting students.

Students requesting J-term housing should complete the J-term application available on the Housing Portal via their myRider accounts.

The University is not liable for any loss of personal property by theft, fire, water or any other cause. Please procure personal insurance, since the University cannot purchase this protection for students.

Insurance vendor information is also included in the New Student Orientation Information.