Hearings and Placement Testing, Westminster Choir College

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The information in this section will help provide you with a better understanding of the various hearings and tests given to new students during Orientation Week at Westminster. These evaluations and examinations will have no bearing upon your admission status at Westminster; you are already admitted to the College. They will, instead, contribute to some decisions about your first year's course of study and your performance training here.

In the case of incoming undergraduate students, you may want to prepare for the Theory Placement Test if you have not taken it already, to increase your chances of being exempted from a course in theory fundamentals. Additional information to help you with such preparation follows the description of the Theory Placement Test.

The best way to approach these exams is to relax and to realize that they are for self-assessment and faculty diagnostic purposes only.  For applied hearings, students are encouraged to dress appropriately.

Upon arrival on campus at the beginning of Orientation Week, all incoming students will receive a detailed schedule of all orientation activities and assigned appointments and hearings. Questions regarding any particular examination or audition can be directed to the faculty contact indicated on each summary.  Letters may be sent to that person at the following address:

Westminster Choir College of Rider University
101 Walnut Lane Princeton, NJ 08540
Telephone: (609) 921-7100

Students should also consult the Academic Catalog for the requirements of all applied auditions, hearings and screenings. The Academic Catalog is the official college rule book regarding academic work at Westminster.