Undeclared Business Students

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Undecided?  Discover your options.

Choosing a college major can be a daunting task that’s full of challenging questions. How do I know what I want to do for the rest of my life?  Will I like the classes I take? 

Rider University has a number of core classes as well as elective options that allow you to test the waters before making a commitment to one program. Students outside of the Norm Brodsky College of Business are also welcome to join business clubs, such as DAARSTOC, and participate in club events like the Accounting Society’s guest speakers' nights. 

The Norm Brodsky College of Business' basic core of business courses provides a solid foundation, which shares the same concepts with other walks of life.  The basic concepts cover the financing and marketing of a business to the concepts of accounting, managing and organizing one.  There is also a study of the administrative processes. 

Many incoming students do not declare a major at the onset of their freshman year.  Instead, course requirements are fulfilled with the hopes that one will connect with the student and prompt the pursuit of a major and career in that field of study. Introductory courses are a perfect opportunity to satisfy general requirements while testing the waters at Rider's Norm Brodsky College of Business. 

The "Introduction to Business" course is restricted to freshman only, and this class is an opportunity to learn about the global economy and discover the links between strategy and business success. Additional emphasis is placed on ethics, technology, leadership and communication skills.  Guest speakers, team projects and use of The Wall Street Journal are all tools professors use to convey the class material.

As you make your decision, we invite you to contact members of our faculty with any questions you may have, explore the Course of Study Options and visit the Student Career Center to checkout books, magazines and other literature that may help you decide what major will best blend your goals, interests and skills. Check out a new website called, What Can I Do With This Major and explore how majors relate to careers.

Other Helpful Resources:

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  • The Top 100: The Fastest Growing Careers for the 21st Century, Ferguson Publishing Company
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