Honors Programs

You are bright; you like to think, create, engage and discuss; you seek a challenge, and you are ready and willing to seize it. 

Why Participate in an Honors Program?

At an institution where learning is the priority, those who push themselves to excel are rewarded richly.  In addition to participating in smaller classes taught by some of our finest professors, students enrolled in our honors programs at Rider are treated to a variety of valuable benefits.

Honors Program Benefits

  • Close interaction with professors.  Our faculty members consider it a great privilege to teach honors classes.  Honors classes create a unique student-teacher dynamic, often resulting in friendships beyond the classroom.
  • Classroom learning with your best and brightest peers.  When you put a select group of highly motivated, intelligent students together, the result is an incredibly stimulating learning experience where everyone shares a common goal:  to learn more.
  • Honors housing.  Honors students can study, relax and enjoy the college life with the same friends they see each day in class by choosing to live together in specially designated housing.
  • Priority registration for classes.  You have first pick of the classes and professors you want to take each semester.
  • An honors college lounge.  It's a place to hang out with fellow honors students, where you can get together to talk, form a study group or just relax.
  • Honors recognition on your diploma and at graduate.  Students who satisfactorily complete an honors program are rewarded further with special recognition for their hard work and accomplishments.

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