Program overview

Undergraduate and continuing education students in any major can pursue a Global Supply Chain Certificate. The GSC Certificate will make you a well-rounded, highly competitive candidate for in-demand jobs post-graduation as it provides in-depth supply chain and logistics training. 

In professional practice, supply chain management requires a high degree of interaction and collaboration with other major corporate functions. The GSC Certificate will provide students with the knowledge and skills to be effective in these cross-functional, interdisciplinary roles.

The GSC Certificate is a great fit for students studying business analytics, finance, marketing, accounting, HR management or environmental studies with a focus on sustainability.

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Certificate requirements

The GSCM certificate is open to all majors, and consists of taking Intro to Global Supply Chain Management and two additional supply chain courses in the curriculum.  

For business analytics majors on the GSC track, only one additional class is needed to attain this credential.

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