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Journals and Magazines

  • Bright Lights Film Journal - an independent and irreverent journal covering an eclectic mix of film-related topics
  • Cahiers du Cinema in English - The legendary French film journal now offers articles in four languages.
  • Cineaste - America's leading magazine on the art and politics of film, with in-depth articles, reviews and interviews covering mainstream, independent and international film
  • Cinema Journal is the official scholarly publication of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. (available on ProjectMuse—Moore library data base)
  • Cinema Scope features articles, interviews and commentary on international cinema.
  • Close Up - a British film magazine, specializing in Independent film, video and documentary
  • Documentary Films a site dedicated to the non-fiction film, featuring reviews, previews and film festival coverage.
  • Film Comment the magazine of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Covers current art house and independent American and International film, along with features on more esoteric or historical subjects, often tied to the programming at the Walter Reade Theater.
  • Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies - an academic journal committed to promoting the use of film as a tool in the teaching and practice of history. In addition to content that directly addresses its mission, the journal also includes film and book reviews.
  • The Journal of Short Film - an Ohio-based independent site featuring articles on a variety of cinematic subjects.
  • Filmmaker - a magazine covering the independent cinema industry.
  • Film Monthly contains a large selection of reviews of current films, home video, and television.
  • Film-Philosophy - an online journal offering philosophical perspectives on film. Articles are consistently interesting, and, occasionally, abstruse.
  • Images: A Journal Of Film And Popular Culture - a web journal dedicated to the analysis of the cinema of the past.
  • Journal of Film and History
  • Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media - a political magazine which analyzes media in terms of its larger social meaning, dealing with issues of class, gender, sexuality, and race. Recently Jump Cut has become an exclusively web-based publication and the site features a great deal of content.
  • Kinoeye specializes in both academic and journalistic perspectives on European cinema.
  • Millennium Film Journal - one of the earliest film publications to deal exclusively with avant-garde and experimental film
  • Off Screen - Canadian film journal on world cinema, featuring a large archive of past issues with book and film reviews. Often, issues focus on a special subject, with several articles on the same topic.
  • Pop Politics - entertaining, political commentary on the media
  • Reverse Shot - a new web-based magazine featuring reviews and articles by younger film writers
  • Rouge - an intriguing mix of pieces on art cinema often by filmmakers themselves
  • Senses of Cinema - a massive online journal from Australia geared toward a general, but film literate audience, covering a wide variety of topics in cinema. Along with the current issue, SOS features annotations for the Melbourne Cinémathèque's programs, profiles of great directors, and an archive of annual top ten lists.
  • Screening the Past - a journal on the history of media as well as the depiction of history in photography, film and multimedia
  • Sight and Sound - from the British Film Institute's, covers popular, independent and art-house international cinema




Video Distribution Sources

  • 1-World - Festival of Foreign Films specializes in world cinema videos.
  • Digitally OBSESSED Lots of DVD reviews and new release coverage.
  • DVD Beaver - an amazingly detailed and comprehensive site, providing reviews, comparisons, and technical information for DVD buffs.
  • The Criterion Collection - Web site of the premier DVD distributor of important classics and contemporary films.
  • Image Entertainment - one of the leading distributors of laserdiscs and DVDs.
  • Masters of Cinema - an auteurist DVD site specializing in great directors.
  • Netflix - an ever-expanding rental source, deals exclusively in DVDs.

Book Sources

  • - a "mega" search engine for out of print and used books, which allows a single unified interface search of numerous book sources on the Web.
  • Best Book Buys - searches numerous booksellers and gives you a list of the best prices on titles you want, whether new or used.

Academic and Professional Organizations