Middle School Education Minor

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The minor in middle school education leads to an endorsement in middle school teaching in one of the following: English, mathematics, social studies, science, or one world language. In order to qualify for the middle school endorsement, students must major in elementary education, minor in middle school education, take the required 6 credits in middle school education listed below, and in addition, take at least 15 credits in one of the above disciplines.

In addition to the professional education courses required of elementary education students, students in this program are required to take:

Minor in Middle School Education

Required Courses
ELD-350 Early Adolescence 1
ELD-355 Teaching in the Inclusive Middle School 1
ELD-360 Structure and Culture of the Middle School 1
Choose one of the following
ELD-380 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle School 3
ELD-385 Teaching Science in the Middle School 3
ELD-390 Teaching Social Studies in the Middle School 3
ELD-395 Literacy Learning in Middle School 3