Andrew Jackson Rider

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Rider University’s long-standing reputation as an outstanding business school began with its founder and namesake, Andrew J. Rider. A native of Howell, Michigan, he first came to New Jersey to teach at the Bryant and Stratton and Whitney Business College of Newark in 1865.

A year later, he moved on to become the chief operating officer of the newly-created Trenton Business College, part of the Bryant and Stratton chain of private business education institutions. He quickly became an owner and, in effect, its first president. By 1881, he was the college’s sole owner.

President Rider helped steer the fledgling business school through a period of significant growth, moving to a series of progressively larger quarters. In 1897, the institution was incorporated under an act of the New Jersey Legislature as Rider Business College. He retired from the presidency a year later.

President Rider also earned international acclaim as the Cranberry King of New Jersey. The title, reportedly bestowed upon him by a British monarch, came by virtue of his 500 acres of cranberry bogs near Hammonton, New Jersey. He was considered a leading force in the cranberry industry.