The Science and Technology Center Building Renovation Project

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The Science and Technology Center Building
The Science and Technology Center Building Renovation Project

Building a first-class facility to provide a supportive teaching, learning and work environment for students, faculty and staff.

The Science and Technology Center Building Renovation Project
Building a first-class facility to provide a supportive teaching, learning and work environment for students, faculty and staff.

About the Science and Technology Center Building Renovation Project

Ambitious plans are underway for Rider University to renovate the first floor of the original 30,000-square foot science building constructed on Rider’s 280-acre Lawrenceville campus in 1961.  

The 8,378-square foot renovation project consists of eight newly renovated, science-focused instructional spaces and includes:

  • one lecture hall with instructional technology,
  • three multi-purpose laboratories,
  • an advanced computer laboratory outfitted with high performance computers for data analysis,
  • a laboratory preparation space,
  • one science classroom with moveable workstations,
  • a vivarium,
  • two vestibules,
  • and a central corridor.

For the last few decades, Rider has been dedicated to upgrading this three-story building in order to keep pace with students’ needs.  In 1994, an addition was constructed to  create a complex of 70,380-square feet to house all science and technology facilities at Rider.  From 2003-05, a series of smaller upgrades were made to laboratories. To date, however, most of the spaces included in this renovation have not been upgraded since the 1980s.  This new $2.1 million renovation project will directly impact nearly 1,000 students per year by enhancing their educational experience and providing them with state-of-the-art equipment and space for their scientific pursuits.

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Rider’s Science Vision Statement

Rider seeks to address the most pressing social and scientific issues for citizens of the 21st century with an emphasis on the health of the individual, community and planet.  Rider faculty are committed to offering robust programs based on a dynamic and interdisciplinary curriculum that strives to attract a growing and diverse student population.  Rider’s science curriculum is innovative and experiential in nature with an emphasis on quantitative and computational literacy.  In the classroom, laboratory and field, faculty collaborate with students in conducting research and in sharing their results with the public.  Rider seeks to prepare graduates from across the university to apply scientific principles in response to local, national and global challenges.  

Science and Technology Renovation Project

Comments from Our Leadership

A Commitment to the Rider Mission

“Although I am new to Rider, I am already impressed with the University’s high quality of teaching, the personal attention we provide to our students, and the vast programming we offer to expand their intellectual, cultural and personal horizons.  The Science and Technology Center Building Renovation Project is consistent with Rider’s mission to provide a stimulating, learner-centered environment for our students.  Through this project, we look forward to enhancing an array of science classrooms and laboratories to position Rider and our students for continued success well into the future.”

Gregory Dell'Omo, Ph.D., President, Rider University

Renovation Goals

  • Promote collaborative learning through intentional design elements
  • Increase square footage of instructional spaces to expand access and functionality for students
  • Incorporate design strategies to maximize usage of renovated spaces
  • Enhance the building’s energy efficiency
  • Provide Rider with a competitive recruitment advantage

Science at Rider University

“Our curriculum helps our students learn to explore, in depth, the foundational knowledge and discovery of new knowledge within the sciences and teaches the broad and discipline-related skills in communication, critical thinking and analytical reasoning.  They deserve a  state-of-the-art facility that fosters learning and prepares them for exciting and fulfilling careers.”

DonnaJean Fredeen, Ph.D., Provost, Rider University

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Special thanks to our Science and Technology Center Building Renovation Project donors. Those contributing $500 or more will be acknowledged on plaques bearing their name to be affixed on new auditorium style chairs that will be installed in the Room 102 Lecture Hall.

Anthony P. Bahri
Kelly A. Bidle
John J. Bochanski Jr.
Gene and Roseanne Monaco ’89 Branciforte
Kathleen M. Browne
James R. Bruno ’73, ’82
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc.
Feng Chen and Ji Hua
MaryFaith O’Hara Chimera ’08
Chester W. and Patricia H. Dawson
Greg G. and Polly Dell'Omo
E. Bruce DiDonato ’76 and Denise Agness
Kenneth E. Dombrowski ’82
Julie Drawbridge
Daniel L. Druckenbrod
Helen Skeenes Eldridge ’76, ’89
ExxonMobile Foundation
Christopher S. Fox ’97
Kenneth J. and DonnaJean A. Fredeen
Kevin J. Graveline ’78
Alexander Grushow
George I. Alden Trust
Erik K. ’02, ’11 and Eileen Corrigan ’02, ’10 Gurwitz
Betsy Haywood-Sullivan, in honor of Karen Sue Haywood
Benjamin Husch
Jonathan M. Husch and Geraldine R. Hutner
James ’82 and Colleen Ierubino
Phillip L. Lowrey
William H. and Chantal McCarroll
Jonathan D. and Elyse Meer
Jonathan H. and Kristin Millen
Eli Mordechai ’90 and Elka Devash
Gary M. ’66 and Judith K. Nath
Dan Pinto and Margaret Solinger
James E. Riggs
Peter M. Rowe
William G. Schultz, in memory of Dr. Gerald Kent
Charles F. and Kristine ’89 Schwartz
Wright B. Seneres ’97
Sigma Xi Chapter
Robert A. ’79 and Kathleen M. Sikorski
Gabriela W. Smalley
Nicholas Tsarouhas ’85
Jonathan J. Tyson ’16
Susan M. Vazakas ’78
E. Todd Weber
Anton K. Wolfshorndl and Denise Pinney
Jonathan and Joy Kreves Yavelow

Rider University gratefully acknowledges the support of the State of New Jersey Office of the Secretary for Higher Education’s Capital Improvement Fund.

Naming Opportunities for The Science and Technology Center Building Renovation Project

Room Description Naming Opportunity
Room 102 Lecture hall (1,649 sq. ft.)  – seats 165 $250,000
Room 109 Instructional laboratory (789 sq. ft.) – with 24 new tabletop work areas $100,000
Room 112 Instructional laboratory (720 sq. ft.) – features 19 workstations $100,000
Room 124 Multi-purpose classroom and laboratory (840 sq. ft.) – features 16 seat laboratory bench and 16 seat desk/workspace $100,000
Room 124F Vivarium (850 sq. ft.) – consists of three enclosures measuring 121, 75 and 92 sq. ft. each $100,000
Room 109A Computer laboratory (358 sq. ft) – features 13 fixed computer stations $50,000
Room 110 Laboratory preparation room (192 sq. ft.) $50,000
Room 111 Instructional laboratory (430 sq. ft.) – features 12 workstations $50,000
Corridor Central hallway on first floor of Science and Technology Center Building (2,300 sq. ft.) –  features new ceiling and floor surfaces as well as freshly painted walls $50,000
Vestibule A Entryway to building (150 sq. ft.) $20,000
Vestibule B Entryway to building (95 sq. ft.) $15,000

donate today: support RiderFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: 
Caroline Cleaves, Associate Director, Major Gifts, at [email protected] / 609-896-5291
Denise Pinney, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, [email protected] / 609-896-5019