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 –  Effective for the Freshman Class entering in September 2019

Rider University has a two-year residency requirement which supports our deep commitment to the academic success, professional preparation and personal development of all our students. Our distinctive focus on engaged learning is designed to have an impact on everything you do as a Rider student, both in and out of the classroom. That includes contributing your time and energy to become an active and involved member of our campus community.

Rider students who live on campus have a higher degree of campus involvement in student organizations and campus activities. National studies indicate that these factors contribute to student persistence and timely graduation. Additional benefits to living on campus include the ability to meet people and live in a community, readily access faculty and campus resources, focus fully on your learning without barriers of commuting long distances, and added opportunities to take advantage of the full Rider experience. Living on campus supports the vision for the engaged learning experience at Rider, both in and out of the classroom.

Students who are living within 30 miles from campus with their parent(s)/legal guardians are exempt from the residency requirement, but are strongly encouraged to live on campus for the reasons described above. Browse the list of zip codes within the 30-mile radius. Other students also may be exempt for select other reasons outlined in our Residency Requirement Exemption criteria below.

Rider University Residency Exemption Policy

The following will be considered as possible reasons for exemption from the Rider University residency requirement that all full-time undergraduates live on campus during their freshman and sophomore years. Appropriate documentation may be required for consideration.

  • Demonstration of a financial hardship that would otherwise prevent the student from attending. Determination for financial hardship exemptions will be made based upon a submitted FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • The student has been out of high school for three or more years.
  • The student has served in the military as verified by a discharge certificate.
  • The student is married or part of a legal domestic partnership.
  • The credits the student is enrolled in are at least 50% online.
  • The student demonstrates a documented medical or psychological condition that clearly shows living in on-campus student housing would have a detrimental effect on the student's physical health and/or emotional well-being.
  • Demonstrated caregiving role for a child or family member.
  • Additional exceptions may be made at the discretion of Residence Life based on extenuating circumstances.

Students wishing to apply for an exemption should complete the exemption application.

If you have any questions about the new policy, you can contact the Office of Residence Life at [email protected] or 609-896-5057.