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Registering for Classes

Enrollment Certification
Complete the Permission to Certify form and register for classes. Education benefits can only be disbursed to students who request to be certified each semester and before each summer term in which they attend Rider University. You are expected to maintain enrollment for the number of credits for which you have been certified; however, if you drop a course or change the term for which you are taking a course, be sure to inform a Certifying Official.

It is especially important to report a complete withdrawal from the college. Please notify a Certifying Official immediately of any change of status.  Grade of W (Withdrawn) are reported to the VA resulting in an overpayment of benefits.

Repeating a Class
You may choose to re-register for a course that you already completed successfully; however, the VA will not certify or pay for the course a second time.

Auditing a Class
You may choose to register for and audit a course; however, the VA will not certify or pay for an audited course. Audited courses do not count as credit toward graduation. For more information on auditing, contact the College of Continuing Studies at 609-896-5033 or [email protected].

Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing from a Class
Changes to your course load, due to add/drop or withdrawal, may have an impact on your financial aid eligibility. Please contact your VA school certifying official of any changes immediately. Learn more information about our Refund Policy.

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Training Time Chart

Undergraduate Students
Academic Calendar 
Full-Time: 12+ credit hours
3/4 Time: 9-11 credit hours
1/2 Time: 6-8 credit hours
Less than 1/2 Time: 4-5 credit hours
1/4 Time: 1-3 credit hours
Full-Time (summer): 6 credit hours
Full-Time (winter): 3 credit hours

Graduate Students
Academic Calendar 
Full-Time: 9 credit hours
3/4 Time: 6-8 credit hours
1/2 Time: 5 credit hours
Less than 1/2 Time: 3-4 credit hours
1/4 Time: 1-2 credit hours
Full-Time (summer): 3 credit hours
Full-Time (winter): 3 credit hours