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Withdrawal from the University

A student withdrawing from the university is required to submit the withdrawal in writing through the use of the official withdrawal form found below.  All debts to the University must be paid in full.  Students excused from the on-site enrollment clearance process at the beginning of any semester or other school period are reminded that they are considered to be in attendance if they have not withdrawn in the manner prescribed above by the date classes actually begin.

Failure to comply with these requirements may preclude any further enrollment.

An unapproved withdrawal results in an “F” (failure) in all scheduled courses. (See the University calendar for specific withdrawal dates.)

Within 24 hours of withdrawal, campus residents must move their belongings out of the residence hall, have their room checked for damage by a Residence Life staff member, and return their key to the Dean of Students Office. Failure to comply may result in additional charges to a student's account.

Download University Withdrawal Form (.pdf)

Obtaining a Medical Withdrawal

Students requesting a withdrawal for medical reasons must request the withdrawal in writing through the use of the official withdrawal form found below and provide appropriate medical documentation prior to granting of the withdrawal. Refunds, if warranted, will be processed according to University policies and Federal Regulation regarding Title IV funds.

Medical Withdrawal Form (.pdf)

Military and Medical Leaves

Obtaining a Military Leave of Absence

A student withdrawing to fulfill a military obligation may apply for a military leave of absence through the Registrar’s Office by emailing [email protected]. The application for the leave of absence should be made prior to leaving the University. Written documentation is required from the appropriate military service. Leaves for military service will automatically be renewed annually so long as the individual remains in the service for up to four years. When a student is granted a military leave of absence, academic status will generally be the same upon return as it was at the time of departure. In other words, the student may elect to graduate by meeting the curriculum requirements from the catalog from his or her original date of entry.

Readmission to the University after a Medical Withdrawal/Military Leave

Students withdrawing for medical reasons or to fulfill a military obligation may apply by completing the Application for Readmission form found below and emailing it to [email protected]. Written documentation is required, and the maximum length for such a leave is one year. If a leave of absence has been granted for medical reasons, the student may be required to submit evidence documenting full recovery. If a leave is granted, the student may return at any time within one year, so long as a letter stating intention to return is submitted to the Registrar’s Office by emailing [email protected] at least one month in advance of the start of a new term.

Download Application for Readmission Form (.pdf) 

Involuntary Medical Leave:  Conduct of Hearing

  1. The student will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing. The notice shall state the date and time of the hearing and present issues in writing and in sufficient detail to allow the student the opportunity to prepare a response. The parent(s) or guardian(s) of the student may also be given notice as provided in the University Parental Notification Policy.
  2. The student may be assisted in the hearing by any consenting faculty member, medical professional and/or a parent or guardian.
  3. The student and his/her advisor(s) have the right to be present at the entire hearing with the exception of private deliberations by the Hearing Authority for the purpose of reviewing the information and/or arriving at its decision.
  4. The Hearing Authority may consider any oral or written information deemed relevant and may request additional information if needed. The University, student or parents and/or advisors will have the ability to ask questions in the hearing subject to the reasonable control of the Hearing Authority.
  5. The Hearing Authority shall notify the student in writing both of its decision along with any material issues considered in arriving at the decision. While not customary practice, the Hearing Authority may decide to audiotape all or part of the hearing but is not required to do so. The student may have access to any record subject to applicable medical confidentiality standards and ethics.
  6. In accordance with customary practice, hearings shall not be open to the public or the press unless the Hearing Authority agrees to a request from the student to conduct the hearing in public.
  7. If the Hearing Authority conditions the cancellation of a suspension on terms or accommodations, the student shall be obligated to comply with those conditions or accommodations. If the accommodations are not followed, the Dean may impose additional sanctions up to and including further suspension.
  8. Either the student or the Dean may have the hearing reopened if the original basis for the suspension has changed or new information is available. If practical, the Dean shall assign the same Hearing Authority to the reopened matter but may use a new Hearing office or panel.