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EasyPrint is Rider University's print management solution that allows students to print to locations on the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses while connected to the Rider University network. The "One Queue" feature eliminates the need to select a specific printer location. Your print job is available at every print location on both campuses.

Students can reduce paper waste and reduce negative impact to the environment by viewing and selectively releasing print jobs and deleting unwanted print jobs. Jobs not released are automatically deleted after 4 hours.


What’s new for Fall 2018 with EasyPrint?

  • Enhancements to the student printing service on the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses were made with input from the Student Government Associations on both campuses.
  • New and more printers are available on the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses, including in every residence hall.
  • Swipe your Bronc ID card at any printer to release your print job

Is Scan or Copy available?

All printers in non-residence buildings are now multifunction so you can print or scan. Copy is available on the printers in the Moore Library, Moore Lab without Walls and Talbott Library. Color printing is not available.

Where can I find printers on my campus?

  • Click here to see Lawrenceville campus locations
  • Click here to see Princeton campus locations

Are there limits or costs to print?

Printing is free. Each student receives a 500 sheet quota per semester (fall and spring) to save trees. Within the EasyPrint system, you will see your quota as $5.00. As you print, $.01 will be deducted for each sheet that is printed. You will be able to view your available quota amount through the Mobile Print site and it will display each time you swipe your ID at a printer. Just contact the Help Desk if you need to extend your quota.

How do I print?

Use one of four methods to print.

Use the Mobile Print site from a browser

  1. Log on to with your RIDER KEY.
  2. Click on “Upload” and select your document.
  3. Go to any student printer and swipe your ID card to print out the document

Send via Email

  1. Send email with your document attached to [email protected].
  2. Once you receive an email from [email protected], go to any student printer and swipe your ID card to print out the document

Print using a mobile app

  1. Download and open the Pharos Print app.
  2. Log on with your RIDER KEY.
  3. Open the document you want to Print, tap on the share icon and choose “Copy to Pharos Print”. Tip: the document must be downloaded to the device first.
  4. Go to any student printer and swipe your ID card to print out the document.

Print Using EasyPrint Drivers

  1. Install a driver package on your computer.
  2. Open a document, select Print and Rider University Printers.
  3. Go to any student printer and swipe your ID card to print out the document.

For more detailed instructions and information on scanning, go to the Technology Help Desk and search for EasyPrint.

Notice: OIT Student Assistants are available in computer labs to assist with any printing questions or problems.