Student Organizations

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The Center for Diversity and Inclusion supports all of the culturally-based student organizations on campus.

Asian Students at Rider (ASAR)

Asian Students at Rider is dedicated to represent, promote and strengthen the awareness of Asian cultures to the Rider community. As proud individuals, we are committed to promote and educate our peers at this institution. The club is open to all members of Rider University in which all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome.

Black & Hispanic Alliance (BHA) of WCC

BHA of WCC is a group created for the promotion and celebration of cultural diversity and expression. Its mission is to increase awareness of the various cultures within WCC and to celebrate the beauty of diversity and inclusion within the community.

Black Men Unified (BMU)

A cohesive group of black males and supporters of different backgrounds on campus, who banded together to create a safer environment where they have the opportunity to express their views and share their stories. They focus on empowerment and its pillars of leadership, social justice, collaboration, and service. Furthermore, this organization invests in its members through roundtable discussions, workshops, community service and inclusive events.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to stimulate the intellectual, political, cultural and social growth of Rider University students through enriching programs and community service in hopes to educate its members and the Rider community in order to bring awareness, spark action, and ignite change that will benefit the African-American and multicultural student body.

Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

Catholic Campus Ministry is a chance for all students to learn about the Catholic faith. CCM hosts weekly meetings to discuss where faith meets college life, sponsors several on-campus masses throughout the semester, and provides students with service opportunities on and off campus. Any CCM event is open to any Rider student regardless of faith or any other identity, all are welcome! Please email [email protected] for more information.

HILLEL (Jewish Student Organization)

Hillel is a student-run Jewish organization on Rider University's campus. We plan three to four events a month for Jewish or non-Jewish students to attend. These events range from a religious, cultural, social, and social action. Our goal is to foster an environment that students can come to continue living their Jewish lives or to learn more about a new culture.

Japanese Pop Culture Society (JPCS)

Through media, JPCS explores life in classic and contemporary Japan. They explore Japanese culture, music, philosophy, sociology, cinema, fine art, dance, food, advertisements, technology, literature, and anime (Japanese cartoons). JSPC regards themselves as "more than JUST an anime club." Through media, JPCS explores life in classic and contemporary Japan.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

The Latin American Student Organization is a student organization which provides social and cultural educational and professional activities; approaching areas of activism, advocacy, diversity, race relations, community service, leadership and history for the Chicanx/Hispanic/Latinx students. LASO is continuous in providing quality meetings, projects and events to enhance the university experience. It strives to cultivate a sense of identity, community, and unity through campus outreach, greater-community involvement, and numerous activities. It is LASO’s hope to foster understanding by sharing the culture and experience of people of Latin American descent at Rider University and beyond.

LOCKS (Loving Our Curly, Kinky, Straight) Hair Club

The purpose of this organization is to empower individuals addressing the roots of issues regarding self-esteem and self-image due to their hair. This organization will educate participants on how to keep their hair maintained and how to rebuild their confidence in their unique beauty. Our mission is to reach a broader community while promoting an important message.

Multicultural Student Leadership Institute (MSLI)

MSLI provides an environment for discussing issues related to the transition of first-year students and incoming transfer students from diverse backgrounds to Rider University, a predominantly suburban private institution. Through a series of open-ended seminars and meetings, future Rider student leaders receive guidance from and interact with Rider faculty, staff, and alumni. Issues discussed include college survival strategies, self-exploration, and cross-cultural communication.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

MSA aims to distinguish the media perception of Islam from what it truly is, and through a series of discussions, meetings, collaborations and celebrations, educate students and the broader Rider community, in order to dispel common misconceptions.

Rider African Student Association (RASA)

The purpose of Rider African Student Association is to expose the Rider University community, products of and or interested in the culture and history of people that make up the African Diaspora and to provide a social outlet for discussion and enrichment of the African experience. RASA is responsible for sponsoring a yearly event that promotes the growth of the African nation as a whole by providing assistance towards increased vitality to at least one African Country and or region. Anyone who is interested in learning about the African culture is welcomed to join RASA. You do not need to be African to learn about the African culture.

Rider Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (RICF)

Created for the purpose of giving a space to Rider’s Christian population.

Rider International Student Association (RISA)

Rider International Student Association is an organization for all Rider students to learn about different cultures. We are an organization which aims to help International exchange students feel welcomed at Rider University. We hope to give our exchange students an understanding of the American culture, whilst also connecting these students with others within the Rider Community. We aim to be a safe, yet fun organization for those studying here at Rider, or for any who wish to learn more about other cultures.

Rider Organization of Caribbean Affiliated Students (ROCAS)

The purpose of ROCAS is to educate its members along with the Rider community on Caribbean culture, history, and issues both past and present. ROCAS aims to be a resource and outlet for both Caribbean students and those wanting to learn more about the Caribbean. ROCAS is open to the entire Rider University community. All students enrolled in the institution are eligible to be both on the general board and executive committee of ROCAS. The Rider Community is encouraged to attend both the meetings and events hosted by ROCAS.

Rider Women United (RWU)

Rider Women United formed with the intentions of educating and involving the Rider community in issues dealing with women. The Rider Women United club attempts to heighten awareness of all gender issues to promote change and activism within the Rider community. By doing various activities where students are given opportunities to interact with one another, Rider United Women hopes to show the Rider community that issues concerning women do not exclude men and that both genders are an integral part in making the organization one that educates all.

SPECTRUM Pride Alliance (SPA)

SPECTRUM Pride Alliance is the LGBTQ+ organization on Rider's campus. SPECTRUM is a safe space for members of the community, as well as discussing different aspects of the community. They encourage people, who are not a part of the community, to come to meetings and learn more about different aspects of the LGBTQ+ community.

Greek letter organizations

Rider offers opportunities for involvement in 15 social fraternities and sororities.  Our Greek Life Organizations, including National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities, North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) fraternities, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) fraternities and sororities and National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) fraternities and sororities.