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The U.S. Department of Education selects students to be verified during the FAFSA application process.  The Student Aid Report (SAR) reflects the federal verification notification.  Any student that is selected must complete the verification process.

What if my application has been selected for verification?
If your application has been selected for verification, additional documents will be requested.*  You will be required to submit the following documents:

For Dependent Students
Submit a Dependent Verification Document, your parents’ (’s) W-2's and complete IRS tax return transcript (all pages) and your (the student’s) W-2's and complete IRS tax return transcript (all pages)
2020–21 Dependent Verification Document
2021–22 Dependent Verification Document

For Independent Students
Submit an Independent Verification Document, your W-2's and complete IRS tax return transcript (all pages) and, if married filing separate, your spouse’s W-2's and tax return transcript (all pages)
2020–21 Independent Verification Document
2021–22 Independent Verification Document

IRS Tax Return Documents
2020-2021 IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Directions
2021-2022 IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Directions

When does the verification process begin?
The Office of Financial Aid will begin your verification review once all requested documents are received. Please understand if there is any difference between the information contained on the FAFSA and the actual figures reported on your tax returns and other required documentation, adjustments may be made to your financial aid award. Once this review is completed we will be able to finalize your award for verification purposes. Therefore, it is to your benefit to submit requested documents as soon as possible.

Time sensitive information: Need based aid will not be paid into your account until verification is completed. Once Rider has requested documents, a prompt response is required. Failure to complete verification will result in suspension of the estimated aid award.

*Other documents may be requested to complete the verification process. It is imperative that these documents be submitted promptly to avoid suspension of your financial assistance.​