Billing Statement Guides

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Rider University billing statements are paperless. To help you better understand your ebill we have put together the following Billing Statement Guide referencing each section of your ebill. Sections of your ebilling statement are numbered and we have provided a brief description of what is listed in that section.

Billing Statement Guides

1. Student Summary 
     a. Statement Date: The date that the statement was produced.
     b. Term: The current active semester.
     c. Due Date: The date by which the “Amount Due” must be paid. 
     d. Amount Due: The amount needed to satisfy this billing statement.

2. Student Profile – The bill belongs to the student listed here. The address is the permanent address on file. Changes/updates to this address can be made via the myRider portal. The 
student ID is a unique identifier for student records.

3. Previous Billed Balance – Reflects the charges/credits billed prior to the current statement.

4a. Current Charges – Itemizes the charges recently assessed. Details include the Term for which the charge is associated, the Date of the charge, the Description of the charge and if the charge was debited or credited. For example, the room charge is highlighted here (4b). If you have questions related to your room or board charges, please contact Residence Life at 609-896-5057.

5. Current Payments – Reflects the payments that were made on your behalf. Payments can include personal payment via check or credit card, financial aid payments, or third party payments.

6. Current Billed Balance – Net of the Previous Billed Balance, Current Charges and Current Payments. 

7. Authorized Financial Aid – Represents financial aid that will subtract from the Total Amount Due. No action is necessary to pay over Authorized Financial Aid. 

8. Memoed Financial Aid – Reflects pending financial aid that is not subtracted from the “Total Amount Due”either because we are awaitingadditional information from an outside source or you may need to satisfy requirements related to your financial aid.  To view your financial aid requirements students should follow these steps:
    1. Login to the myRider portal at and click on the Student Information tab.
    2. In the "Financial Aid Requirements" section you will see a list of requirements and their status.

9. Memo Items – Your remaining Tuitionpay contract (if applicable) is reflected here and reduces the amount of the “Total Amount Due”. 

10. Statement Summary – This section summarizes the activities described above.
     a. Previous Balance – Refer to #3
     b. Current Balance – Refer to #6
     c. Total Amount Due – Net of the Current Billed Balance, Authorized Financial Aid and Memo Items.