Personal Training

Why Use a Trainer?

  • Studies show individuals who work with a trainer or who are involved in group fitness classes adhere to a workout regime longer than those going it alone.
  • Certified personal trainers customize workouts based on client need, level of fitness and lifestyle.
  • If you're a beginner, personal training offers a safe and effective way to workout.
  • If you're a veteran, personal training can add diversity and reduce the risk of monotony and plateauing.
  • Indivdiuals working with a certified personal trainer are more likely to exceed self limitations and increase fitness levels.


Personal Training Packages

1 session (60 minutes) $60 
4 sessions (60 minutes each) $220
8 sessions (60 minutes each) $400 
12 sessions (60 minutes each) $540

Steps To Sign Up For Personal Training

  1. Complete forms A - D (These forms are located below)
  2. If you answered "yes" to any questions on Form B, go to step #3. If you answered "no" to all questions on Form B, go to step #4.
  3. Contact your physician and have him/her send you a "Release Waiver" to begin an exercise program. This release waiver should list any exercise restricions that you may have.
  4. Return all paperwork to the front office at the Student Recreation Center. SRC hours are Monday-Friday 6am to 11pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-11pm. Payment for the services that you would like to purchase should be made at this time.
  5. You will be contacted by your trainer once the payment and paperwork has been processed. The process will only take 1 to 2 weekdays. For more information contact Brett Scharite, Fitness Director, at (609) 896-7716 or [email protected].

Payment: We accept cash, personal check (made out to Rider University), Master Card, Discover, AMEX and Visa


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