Test-Optional Admission

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SAT/ACT scores are not required for admission and most scholarships at Rider.

Our studies have shown that the strongest predictor of freshman success at Rider is the student's performance in college-preparatory, academic coursework. It's our belief that no one test should be a defining factor in your admission to Rider or your scholarship award - rather, standardized tests simply offer a snapshot of your talents as a student.

Therefore, we've joined hundreds of other respected colleges and universities nationwide in adopting this test-optional policy.

Who is eligible for test-optional admission?

First-year applicants are eligible to apply test optional, with the following exceptions:

  • Home-schooled students
  • Students wishing to be considered for the Business Honors or Baccalaureate Honors Programs

How do I apply for test-optional admission?

When you complete either the Rider application or the Common Application, you will be asked if you are applying test optional.

  • If you select "Yes," we will review your application for admission and scholarship awards based on your high school transcript, essay, recommendation, and other supporting documents without consideration of your standardized test scores.
  • Students accepted through test-optional admission are strongly encouraged to send their SAT or ACT scores after they have decided to enroll and deposited. These scores will not have an effect on your admission nor scholarship.
  • Rider will continue to review SAT or ACT scores from students who believe that their scores are a good measure of their academic ability. Simply answer "No" to the test-optional question on the application, and we will wait for your test scores before making a decision.

Whether you apply test optional or not, Rider makes admission and scholarship decisions based on a comprehensive review of all credentials submitted in support of the application, with the greatest emphasis placed upon the high school academic record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt my chances of being accepted if I apply test optional?


If I apply test optional, will I be considered for scholarships?

Yes. All first-year applicants are considered for scholarships, regardless of test scores. Deciding to apply test optional will not hurt you in the scholarship consideration process. However, if you do submit test scores, they will be considered as a part of our comprehensive evaluation of your credentials for scholarships.

I am a recruited Division I athlete. May I apply test optional?

Division I athletes may apply for test-optional admission but must submit their SAT or ACT scores to the NCAA Clearinghouse to satisfy freshman athletic eligibility requirements.

As an international student, may I apply test optional?

International students may apply test optional but may be required to take tests that measure English proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS. For details, see How to Apply - For International Students

Will I be required to submit my SAT or ACT scores later on?

Students who are admitted via test-optional admission are not required to submit their test scores but are strongly encouraged to do so after they have decided to enroll and deposited. These test scores may be used for course placements, but will not have a negative effect on admission or previously-awarded scholarships.

I have applied test optional. May I be considered for Rider's honors programs?

No. The honors programs require SAT or ACT scores. However, if you are accepted with test-optional admission, you may submit your SAT or ACT scores, but you must meet the requirements to be considered. Priority is given to students who apply and submit all required credentials, including test scores, by January 15. See Honors Programs for requirements.

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