Game & Interactive Media Design

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From your first video game console to your latest online app, games have fueled your imagination, stirred your heart and driven your competitive spirit. Now it’s time to turn game and interactive media design into your career.

Game & Interactive Media Design Overview

Game and interactive media design is a multibillion-dollar industry leading to high demand careers for out-of-the-box thinkers who can turn their dreams into exciting, immersive experiences.

Its impact extends far beyond entertainment. Business, education, finance, health care and government are using the power of this technology to instruct, inform, build support and change perspectives.

Game and interactive media design depends on the creativity, collaboration and skills of many professionals — from designers, writers and visual artists to engineers, programmers and coders — to create a compelling final product.

Rider’s new Bachelor of Arts in Game & Interactive Media Design focuses on preparing professionals with the core design expertise and the creative storytelling, writing, art, gameplay, music, sound, animation and filmmaking skills needed to succeed in this industry. Listen to an interview with associate professor, Dr. Justin Burton, as he shares how the Game & Interactive Media Design major is designed to offer students a hands-on learning experience.

Offered through Rider’s School of Fine and Performing Arts, our 120-credit program combines coursework in design, communication, computer science and other disciplines. You will collaborate as a member of a team with students in computer science and other majors to create résumé-worthy projects as part of the curriculum. 

Are you a gamer? You’re in good company!

  • At $140 billion in revenue worldwide, video gaming alone surpasses Hollywood and the music industry combined, and it is still growing.
  • Three out of every five Americans play video games every day.

Source: Electronic Software Association

Is This the Right Major for You?

Game and interactive media design are wildly creative and exciting fields with a need for diverse professionals with a passion for creating and communicating. If you love design, art or storytelling, this major is for you. You will work collaboratively on teams to create compelling narratives, develop characters, work on gameplay and mission, integrate music and sound, and design cohesive and immersive interactive experiences. You’ll also acquire a fundamental technological understanding (but not mastery) of basic coding functions and advanced-experience game engines.

About the Program

You’ll develop a big picture view of the creative process

Your studies will include areas like art history, communication, game studies and a progression of game development courses and workshops that will provide depth and understanding to your work.

You’ll learn to conceptualize, create and analyze video games through media theory and analysis. You'll develop an understanding of how information circulates in contemporary society and the role of power in that circulation.

You’ll learn by doing, starting in your freshman year

You’ll begin designing games in your first year of study, using industry-standard software and design suites in our new state-of-the-art game design labs.

You’ll learn key elements of interactive media and video gaming, including the basics of coding and video production. And Rider’s easy access to internships in Philadelphia and New York City — two thriving centers of established and start-up gaming companies — will bring your vision and talents to the marketplace, where you will gain real-world experience and network with industry professionals.

You’ll tailor your studies to your interests

Through your choice of electives, you can enhance your game and interactive media design skills in such areas as drawing and animation, songwriting and composition, and screenwriting and filmmaking. You can increase your marketability by adding a minor in such areas as computer science, pop music, communication studies, film and media studies, film/TV/radio, gender and sexuality studies, or multicultural studies. You also can pursue a certificate in leadership development as part of your studies.

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To learn more about the Game & Interactive Media Design program, contact:

Headshot of Justin Burton
Associate Professor
Fine Arts 371

Justin D Burton received a PhD in musicology from Rutgers University in 2009. His research revolves around popular music/culture, music technologies, hip hop, and critical race theory.