Proficiency Exams

Prerequisites within the graduate programs are evaluated when a student is admitted to the program and are assigned one of the designations below.

  • WV on the sheet means the course is waived and does not need to be taken. These waivers are based on the undergraduate grades and the age of the courses. In some cases, work experience may be taken into account.
  • PR means the class was not waived outright, but you are being allowed to show proficiency in the class. This process is explained below. This is only an option for PMBA prefixed requisites. It does not apply to ACC courses.
  • A blank space under status means you are required to take the class as part of th program. This may be due to your coursework being outdated and/or your grade being below what is deemed to be proficient.

PR - Proficiency Process

Once a student has confirmed that they will be attending Rider for a graduate degree, they will receive a link to the online proficiency assessments/courses, along with a list of of the classes they may satisfy through this process. They will also receive a date by which they must complete the review short course.

Students who are eligible for this option (PR) have three possibilities on how to approach completing this requirement

  1. If the student feels confident that they know the material covered in the subject area, they can go directly to the ASSESSMENT test in the subject
    1. Cost - $25.
    2. 40-minute test can only be taken once and will evaluate current knowledge in the subject area.
    3. Must pass with an 80% or better to waive the corresponding PMBA prerequisite.
    4. If student does not pass, they must purchase and complete the corresponding course as described in option 2.
  2. If the student thinks they will need to review the course material in greater detail, then they can skip the initial assessment and take the corresponding review course.
    1. Cost - $75.
    2. The average completion time for each course is about 15-25 hours (depending on the course and the student background).
    3. At the end of the course, student will have ONE opportunity to pass the assessment with a grade of 80% or better.
    4. If student does not pass the final assessment (80% or better) they will have to take the Rider PMBA prerequisite course. Therefore, STUDENTS SHOULD TAKE THE REVIEW SHORT COURSE SERIOUSLY.

    IMPORTANT: The only course not covered through this new short course is PMBA 250 Calculus. If you would like to test out of this course, you may make arrangements with the Jean Cherney, the Academic Coordinator, to take the Calculus proficiency exam. Click here to view the exam guidelines for the Calculus proficiency exam.

  3. Students may choose to take the prerequisite PMBA class at Rider even if they qualify for the review short course option. This option is for students who feel like they need a more in-depth review of the subject.