General Information

Time Limitation
All of the requirements for the Master degree must be completed within six years of the date of first registration for graduate course work.

Course Load
A full-time program consists of nine (9) or more semester hours of graduate course work. Part-time students who are employed full-time will generally be limited to six semester hours of graduate work in a given semester. During the evening summer session, the recommended course load is one-half that of a regular semester. During the six-week day summer session for courses offered by the department of graduate education and human services, nine (9) semester hours of work is the maximum load with six (6) semester hours recommended.

General Requirements
A student must comply with the general requirements of Rider University concerning graduate study. Graduate students must demonstrate the ability to express their thoughts in writing and in speaking in clear, correct English for class reports, research papers, theses and examinations.

Online registration is now available up to Friday before classes begin. Students are encouraged to registrar early, as class and day selections become limited very quickly.

Students admitted to graduate study are encouraged to select courses during convenient early registration periods. Students who miss the early registration periods may register in person on specified times immediately preceding the start of each semester.

After beginning to take graduate courses, students may not take undergraduate business courses to meet core business course requirements.