Centers for Excellence

Center for Business Analytics (formerly Center for Business Forensics)

The Center for Business Analytics was founded in 2005, as  the Center for Business Forensics, to deal with the rash of white collar crime - Enron, WorldCom, etc. - that dominated the headlines of the day.  Since 2005, the role of the Center has expanded to include marketing, health care and sports applications.  In 2015, the Center was renamed to reflect this wider range of interests.  Business Forensics is still at the heart of the Center's activities, but we now support course work, research and events in other Big Data domains as well.

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Becoming an entrepreneur requires going beyond traditional business education. You have to learn to think like an entrepreneur. You have to know how to recognize the needs within a market and the potential of an idea. You also have to have the critical thinking skills to evaluate a new approach. The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies draws upon the courses and expertise offered in the different departments of the Norm Brodsky College of Business to give you the education and the real-world skills you need to achieve your entrepreneurial potential.