Requirements for the Major (50 semester hours)

MTH-210, 211, 212 Calculus I, II, III 12
MTH-240 Linear Algebra 3
MTH-250 Differential Equations 3
MTH-308 Advanced Calculus 3
MTH-315 Modern Geometry 3
MTH-340 Probability and Statistical Analysis I 3
MTH-401 Modern Algebra 3
MTH-410 Complex Analysis 3
  Three 400-level mathematics electives (excluding MTH-490) or one 300-level and two 400-level mathematics electives (excluding MTH-490) 9
PHY-200 General Physics I 4
PHY-201 General Physics II 4

Mathematics majors must attain a “B” average in Calculus I and II in order to take advanced mathematics courses.