Environmental Studies (B.A.)

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The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Studies is designed to meet the interests of students wishing to address environmental issues through multiple disciplinary perspectives, including relevant sciences as well as social and political aspects. The program is meant for students who are interested in careers in environmental policy, advocacy, justice, nonprofit organizations, ecotourism and other related career opportunities; or graduate school in non-science focused environmental and other disciplines, including environmental law.

Note: This B.A. program is not designed to prepare students for graduate level science programs, nor is it designed to enable students to gain employment as professional scientists.  Consider the B.S. in environmental science if you plan to pursue either of these career steps.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for this major focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of the environment by offering classes that give students a strong basis of science preparatory material while also offering a unique, interdisciplinary, hands on approach to learning. Students take introductory courses in foundational classes in chemistry, physics, biology, environmental sciences and geosciences, followed by more in-depth course work focused on the environmental sciences. 

Honors Program in Environmental Studies

Graduation with honors in Environmental Studies is awarded in recognition of majors who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability. Enrollment in the program is by invitation of the faculty of the Department of Geological, Environmental, and Marine Sciences (GEMS). Eligibility requirements include a minimum GPA of 3.5 in courses required for the major and the satisfactory completion of a three- or four-credit independent research and study course. In addition an honors candidate must maintain an overall minimum GPA of 3.0.