B.S. in Exercise Science

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It’s been an obsession ever since you can remember: From the playing field to the gym, there’s nothing quite like the rush of exercise and sport. Now you can take your passion for fitness to the next level with a career in the versatile field of exercise science.

Exercise Science Overview

We live in a society where sitting is the new smoking — and obesity is a national epidemic. It's more important than ever for people of all ages and abilities to find ways to achieve healthier and rewarding lifestyles.

That’s where exercise science professionals come in. Rider University’s Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science prepares students for a variety of careers in exercise, conditioning, nutrition, physiology, sport psychology, rehabilitation, exercise research, health care and more.

Developed by Rider’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the 120-credit program offers exciting coursework that spans interests and professions. As an Exercise Science student, you’ll be at the forefront of learning new training and therapeutic techniques. You'll develop an understanding of how the body works and how exercise impacts physical performance and brain function. Your studies will prepare you to work with high-level athletes and weekend warriors — and rehabilitation patients and senior citizens.

Through studies that bridge basic biology and clinical applications, you'll apply what you learn to best practices that promote better health, greater fitness and reduced injury. You'll graduate ready to begin a career as a corporate wellness consultant, fitness trainer, cardiac rehab therapist or performance coach. Your degree also will provide the foundation for graduate study in clinical exercise physiology, rehabilitation, sports medicine, research, and more.

Are you passionate about sports and fitness? Make it a career!

  • 13% increase in professional opportunities over the next decade, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Work in athletic, corporate, educational, health care, or community settings
  • Be a part of the growing movement for healthier lifestyles

Is This the Right Major for You?

If you’re not only interested in health and fitness, but understanding the scientific foundation of physical activity, exercise and training, this is the major for you. A degree in exercise science opens up exciting opportunities to work hands-on in a field that builds healthier, happier communities.

About the Program

You’ll learn the dynamics of fitness

From biomechanics, rehabilitation after surgery, and the nutrition behind why carb-loading isn’t always best for long-term health, you’ll learn what supports the best possible performance in both high-level and everyday activity.

You’ll work hands-on

Your degree will take you beyond the classroom to internships and professional settings where you'll apply the hands-on techniques and wellness strategies you've learned to gain the experience needed for an exciting career.

You’ll be ready for professional certification

Many graduates of exercise science programs go on to receive added professional credentials in their field of choice. They include certified athletic trainer, certified clinical exercise physiologist, cancer exercise trainer and others.

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