The Social Work Program

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The Social Work Program at Rider University

The Social Work Program at Rider provides students with the opportunity to complete a minor in Social Work, or to select individual courses on particular aspects of social work.

Three social work courses are offered on a regular basis and taught by instructors who have experience in social work.

  • SOW-200 Social Services and Social Work: An Introduction
  • SOW-300 Methods of Social Work Practice
  • SOW-301 Field Work Experience

These courses teach you how social workers help people in trouble. You will be able to learn about the range and nature of social service organizations in most communities. You can learn about government programs in such areas as child abuse, drug addiction, mental health, aging and welfare. In addition, you will develop skills in service delivery to clients.

The Field Work Experience course involves a supervised internship in a local social service agency. Placements in recent years have included Womanspace; the Carrier Clinic; Lawrenceville Nursing Home; Youth and Family Services; Public Advocate’s office; and Anchor House.

The Social Work Minor

By taking three designated core courses, in addition to an additional three courses in designated areas of social work, you can complete the Social Work minor.

If you are interested in the minor, please contact the Program Advisor for information and appropriate declaration of minor forms.

Who Are The Social Work Courses For?

  • Anyone interested in social work as a career. You’ll get an overview of the field and can see if it is for you.
  • Prospective Marketing, Financial Management or Administration Specialists. Find out how these careers fit into such service organizations as hospitals, day-care centers or the United Way.
  • Prospective Teaching, Personnel, Labor Relations or Management Specialists. If you know the services that are typically available in a community you can locate help when employees or students have problems, such as alcoholism in the family or an impending divorce.
  • Prospective Psychology and Counseling Specialists. You may be interested in doing guidance, testing or therapy work in a service agency.
  • Anyone interested in a career in Politics, Urban Affairs or Criminal Justice. Learn about the social welfare system so you can more ably take part in shaping policy for the future.

How Does One Register For A Social Work Course?
Follow the same procedure you use to register for any course. Social Work courses are listed in the course rosters under the heading Social Work (SOW).