English Literature

Requirements for the Minor with a Concentration in Literature (21 semester hours)

Gateway Courses
ENG-240 Methods of Literary Analysis 3
ENG-250 Literary History I 3
ENG-251 Literary History II 3
Literature I Courses
One course from the following (no more than two in one century):
ENG-331 Medieval Literature  
ENG-333 16th-Century Literature  
ENG-335 17th-Century Literature  
ENG-340 Restoration and 18th-Century Literature  
ENG-345 Romantic Literature, 1780–1830  
ENG-411 History of the English Language  
Literature II Courses
One course from the following:
ENG-346 Victorian Literature, 1830–1900  
ENG-347 20th-Century British Literature  
ENG-348 Contemporary British Literature  
ENG-351 19th-Century American Literature  
ENG-352 20th-Century American Literature  
ENG-353 Contemporary American Literature  
Genre/Writing Courses
One course from the following:
ENG-206 Introduction to Creative Writing  
ENG-303 Creative Writing: Poetry  
ENG-304 Creative Writing: Fiction  
ENG-305 Creative Writing: Nonfiction  
ENG-311 Creative Writing: Playwriting  
ENG-315 Topics in Specialized Writing  
ENG-316 Theories of Writing and Tutoring  
ENG-317 Electronic Writer’s Workshop  
ENG-321 Workplace Writing: Business and Professional Contexts  
ENG-322 Workplace Writing: Grant Proposals, Fundraising and Development  
ENG-323 Workplace Writing: Reviewing and Publishing  
ENG-324 Workplace Writing: Online Contexts  
ENG-336 Grammar and Style  
ENG-362 The Novel  
ENG-363 The Drama  
ENG-364 The Poem  
ENG-365 Short Fiction  
ENG-381 Studies in Film Genre  
ENG-384 Film Adaptation  
ENG-405 Advanced Prose Style  
Seminar Courses
One course from the following:
ENG-425 Seminar in Shakespeare  
ENG-435 Seminar in Milton  
ENG-441 Seminar in American Literature  
ENG-443 Seminar in Literary Modernism  
ENG-445 Seminar in Black and Multi-Ethnic Literature  
ENG-447 Global Literature  
ENG-455 Seminar in Chaucer