Departmental Core (24 credits)

Graphic Design Major (24 semester hours)


Fundamentals of Drawing
COM-106 Writing for Communication Professions 3
COM-212 Publication Design 3

COM 361
Graphic Imaging for Multimedia
COM-263 History and Principles of Graphic Design 3
COM-360 Advanced Publication Design (COM 212) 3
COM-366 Project Management in Graphic Design (COM 262 or COM 361; and COM 360) 3
COM-462 Advanced Graphic Design and Portfolio (COM 366) 3
Recommended courses:
ART-120 Art and Society  
ART-204 Fundamentals of Painting (ART 103)  
ART-230 Three-Dimensional Design  
ART-304 Drawing II (ART 103)  
ART-305 Intermediate Painting A-B-C (ART 204)  
ART-335 Printmaking  
COM-261 Multimedia Production I: Interactive Design  
COM-265 3D Graphic Animation  
COM-363 Converging Media  
COM-364 Multimedia Production II: Web Design (COM 261)  
COM-365 Graphic Animation (COM 262 or COM 361)  
COM-460 Multimedia Production III: Advanced Interactive Design (COM 364)  

Note: Students may not carry a double major within the department. Communication and journalism majors may declare only one minor in the department. No more than two courses may be used to meet the requirements for both a major and a minor in the department.

If a student receives a grade lower than “C” in a course required in a major or minor in the department, the student must repeat the course. Credit will only be awarded once for a course that is repeated. The student must also repeat the course before enrolling in any course for which it is a prerequisite.