Communication Studies Major

Students look at computer in classroom.

Communication Studies at Rider hone their writing, research, verbal and nonverbal communication skills which are desirable for any candidate.

Communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal, are very important assets that students will develop as a Communication Studies major. In addition, most students participate in internships in order to supplement classroom learning and move into their career of choice upon graduation. In the capstone course, students bring together their research and presentation skills as they conduct comprehensive research on topics of their choosing, learning from faculty who themselves are researchers in the field.

Students also have the opportunity, even in their first year, to write and present academic research papers and present their work at undergraduate conferences both locally and regionally. Students graduate with the skills to critically analyze a problem, research possible answers, evaluate information, and report findings in an accessible manner. In a fast-changing world these are invaluable skills.

Why study Communication Studies at Rider University?

  • Employers note that effective communication skills are the number one criterion for hiring.
  • Students learn to effectively relay messages through speeches, speech writing, oral reports, performances and digital media.
  • The major instills an appreciation for diverse communication styles.
  • Democracy depends on the ability to effectively articulate ideas to others and critically evaluate problems.
  • The major balances the study of human communication and digital media convergence.

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Departmental Core (24 credits)