Bilingual Endorsement Program

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Rider’s Bilingual Endorsement Program trains future and current educators to develop students' level of English and to also be sensitive to the complex backgrounds of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students. The mission of the Bilingual program at Rider University is to provide the skills, understandings, and the development of attitudes necessary to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students for them to achieve their highest potential through education for life. Furthermore, Rider’s Bilingual program introduces future and current educators to the different laws, programs, and approaches in the classroom that support the development of the English language while helping CLD students use and maintain their native language as a resource for learning and identity development.

Rider’s Bilingual Endorsement Program offers the required courses to obtain certification as a Bilingual Teacher in the State of New Jersey. The required courses are:

Bilingual Education
  Multicultural studies elective 3
EDU 320 Introduction to Linguistics and Psycholinguistics 3
EDU 358 Literacy and the Bilingual/Bicultural Child 3
EDU 420 Teaching a Second Language 3
EDU 460 Educating and Evaluating the Bilingual Child    3

Bilingual field experiences are required

English and Target Language Proficiency evaluations are required (OPI and WPT tests. A minimum of Advanced Low is required)