Applying for Your Coaching Certificate

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How to Apply for Your Coaching Certificate

Once you have completed the educational requirements for the coaching credential, you are ready to apply to become a Board Certified Coach. The application is available via the Council for Credentialing and Education’s (CCE) website.

Rider University will provide you with a Certificate of Completion for your coaching program and will sign the Professional Endorsement and Verification of Experience forms in the CCE application.

Please contact Adam Lucas in the Office of Field Placement & State Certification in order to start the application process. You will need to send him the following two forms:

  1. Program Completion Application for Coaching Certificate Program
  2. Client Hours Tracking Sheet. This sheet should be signed by your professor, indicating that you have completed your 30-hours of coaching fieldwork.


For more information, please contact:

Adam Lucas
Assistant Director of Field Placement
Memorial Hall 116