Program overview

Rider’s minor in gender and sexuality studies will further your understanding of how gender, race, class, ethnicity and sexuality impact institutions and affect the way that individuals think and act. The minor may be used as a complement to a degree in business, liberal arts and the arts.

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Minor requirements

Our 18-credit minor offers a curriculum that considers the current debates on key issues such as reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, health, politics and law.

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Virginia J. Cyrus scholarship

This scholarship was established for part-time or full-time students who show the potential to improve the status of women through scholarship or activism.


Available to all part-time or full-time Rider University students who show potential to improve the status of women through scholarship or activism. Students must show an academic promise of excellence and must have completed GND 200-Introduction to Women's Studies or other women-centered course.

Eligible students must be nominated by faculty or financial aid staff to the Gender Studies committee, who will then select the winner from among the qualified students.

Additional resources

Explore professional organizations, programs and research related to gender, sexuality and women's studies.


Gender and Sexuality Studies

Erica Ryan

Professor, Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies Program

Department of History and Philosophy

Lynch Adler Hall

eryan [at]

(609) 895-5452

Academic Focus: History

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