Program overview

Enhance your writing, research, and conversation skills to develop an appreciation for diverse communication styles from human connection to digital media. Graduate with the skills to critically analyze a problem, research possible answers, evaluate information, and effectively communicate results.

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Program requirements

Communication studies majors are given a good deal of choice in developing a curriculum that meets their personal and professional goals and interests. Students learn the fundamentals of human communication and then can focus on communication and culture, organizational culture, communication and popular culture, or communication and advocacy.

The key to success

You will learn to construct and present arguments and information clearly and effectively, to understand how and why people communicate, to identify and address communication issues in your personal and professional relationships, and to be ready for your post-school life by engaging in an internship or a seminar to prepare for your first career or graduate school.

Potential careers:

  • Corporate/Business
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Teaching/Training
  • Non-profit & Advocacy
  • Employee/Labor Relations

Internships and co-ops

Rider's Communication, Journalism and Media Department offers one of the most extensive communication internship programs anywhere. Because Rider is located in a media-rich corridor densely populated with communication outlets as well as major corporations and non-profit organizations. Opportunities usually outnumber available students. 

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Fall campus
The invaluable, diverse, and unbiased experiences provided by the faculty and staff created my verbal backbone, by which I travel the globe as a capable graduate of Rider University, proudly understanding myself and others through communication."
Peter Mayer-Klepchick '15
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
Campus Mall

Communication Leadership Certificate

Rider's Communication Leadership Certificate program is designed to enhance the two most desirable and needed skills in the professional world. The curriculum utilizes courses from our Organizational Leadership graduate program to maximize students' experiences with these critical skills and give them a head start in acquiring a master's degree.

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Communication Studies (B.A.)

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Department of Communication, Journalism, and Media

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