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Eco Reps are focused on fulfilling two goals:

  • To work on projects that will help reduce Rider’s environmental impact
  • To raise awareness about sustainability and the connection and impact each of us have as a global community

Eco-Representatives (Eco-Reps) are undergraduate students who educate their peers and other community members about environmental issues and encourage them to live in a more eco-friendly way.

  • Eco-Reps have a desire and advocate for sustainability and other related issues.
  • They develop sustainability programs and participate in campus events.
  • Eco-Reps think of new ways to make Rider a more sustainability friendly campus, working together with ESSC, the Sustainability Coordination Manager, and the Graduate Assistant to organize campus sustainability projects and other special events. They also work with other student groups and campus departments in order to spread sustainability across campus.
  • Eco-Reps plan, organize and implement information sessions around a sustainability topic of their choice and present it to the Rider University students during specified times throughout the year.
  • Each Eco-Rep is designated to specific residence halls and Greek buildings on their campus. It is their responsibility to keep their dorms informed on upcoming events and updated on programs such as RecycleMania or energy competitions, as well as regularly collect TerraCycle from their bathrooms.
  • Another way Eco-Reps keep the student body up-to-date on eco-topics and Rider’s sustainability efforts is by writing articles for the Green Corner of the Rider News and posting regularly on social media platforms. Follow the Eco Reps @broncsgogreen on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and @RiderLawEcoReps on Facebook.

Check out the Eco-Rep’s Facebook pages for daily updates and Go Green Info!

Spring 2019 Rider Eco-Reps

Spring, 2019 Rider Eco-Reps

Top row (left to right):

  • Alison Fisher – senior, Musical Theatre major
  • Matthew Schantin – sophomore, Political Science major and Sustainability Studies minor
  • Brianne Gallina – senior, Biology major
  • Dean Riddle – junior, Environmental Science major and General Business minor
  • Ashlyn Whiteside – sophomore, Musical Theatre major and Movement Science minor

Bottom row (left to right):

  • Rahul Mehta – senior, Environmental Science major and Sustainability Studies minor
  • Emma Harris – junior, Musical Theatre major
  • Alina Bardaji – senior, Environmental Science major and Sustainability Studies minor
  • Victoria Harripersad – sophomore, Environmental Science major and Sustainability Studies and Spanish minors

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