Bachelor of Arts in Music

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The Bachelor of Arts in Music (BAM) degree offers students a versatile liberal arts education within a world-renowned music school. By fostering intellectual engagement in many disciplines, it is particularly well suited for musically talented students who have additional academic interests and desire a flexible career trajectory.

The BAM curriculum provides a comprehensive academic education with rigorous musical training that develops creative and intellectual habits essential for success in careers of all kinds. It encourages the innovative spirit and flexibility needed in a quickly evolving global economy. Students will choose a minor or concentration from a broad spectrum of offerings to tailor the degree to their particularly academic or career interests.

While studying a wide range of academic disciplines, BAM students receive exceptional professional training in musicianship and applied music and are able to participate fully in the internationally acclaimed choirs and musical experiences for which Westminster is famous.

Concentrations and Minors 

As part of their course of study and in consultation with a faculty mentor, students in the BAM degree program will select either a concentration or minor. This provides students with flexibility in approaching their education and the opportunity to study subjects that interest them and prepare them for a variety of career paths. Some of the subject areas in which students may decide to take courses include:

  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • Political Science
  • Music History
  • Foreign Languages
  • Business
  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Piano Accompanying
  • Sacred Music
  • Voice Studies

Minors include:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can all of the courses for the BAM be taken on the Princeton Campus?
In principle, yes, but certain minors and concentrations may require students to take some courses at the Lawrenceville campus.

What are the major differences between a BAM and a bachelor of music degree?
The BAM requires about twice as many courses in the liberal arts and sciences (66 hours) than the Bachelor of Music (24-30) hours. It also has several less required conducting, theory and music history courses.

Can BAM students audition for auditioned choirs and other musical experiences such as the opera?

Do BAM students receive the same amount of private instruction from the same applied faculty as Bachelor of Music students?
Yes, all students receive one hour per week of instruction on their primary instrument.

What are the audition and admission requirements for the BAM? 
In addition to the standard application, essay, transcripts, test scores and letter of recommendation that all undergraduate applicants must submit, BAM applicants are required to complete an audition on their primary instrument.  Complete audition requirements can be found at

Questions about the Bachelor of Arts in Music program?