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Residence Life Staff and Community Directors

Members of the Residence Life staff are responsible for managing Rider’s residence halls and creating an environment and programs that complement your academic curriculum. Each residence hall has one undergraduate Community Advisor (CA) for every 30 to 40 students, and a Community Director (CD). CAs help new students in their transition to University life and are responsible for enforcement of rules and regulations, counseling and programming.

Meet Our Team

The Office of Residence Life is overseen by Roberta Butler, Associate Dean for Residential Programs.

Headshot of Roberta Butler
Associate Dean for Residence Life
Bart Luedeke Center 115

The Associate Dean for Residential Programs reports to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students. The primary responsibility of the Associate Dean for Residential Programs include the management and supervision of Residence Life, Greek Life, and Community Standards offices on the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses.

Supervision Responsibilities

Headshot of Christina Eugene
Assistant Director for Student Recruitment, Selection and Programming
Headshot of Malini Som
Assistant Director of Housing Operations
Michelle Holden
Administrative Specialist
Bart Luedeke Center 115
Headshot of Dipo Adeuyan
Community Director, Olson Hall
Headshot of Tim Alicea
Community Director, Lake and Omega House
Headshot of Amy Brandt
Graduate Assistant for Residence Life at WCC
Headshot of Alexis Daniels
Community Director, Dayton, Ithaca & Princeton Halls
Headshot of Kadi Diallo
Coordinator, Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life & Community Director, PSS
Headshot of Jasmine Harrell
Community Director, Seabrook Hall
Headshot of Taylor Johnson
Community Director, Wright Hall
Headshot of Alyssa Klingler
Community Director, Conover Hall
Headshot of Sue Perls
Coordinator, Office of Civic Engagement & Delta Phi Epsilon
Headshot of Naquasia Ramsey-Sheppard
Coordinator, Office of Student Life & Community Director, ZTA
Bart Luedeke Center 118
Headshot of Nikkaya Roper
Graduate Assistant for Residence Life, Lawrenceville; Community Director, Alpha X Delta
Headshot of Joshua Snyder
Community Director, Kroner Hall
Headshot of Chris Sutton
Community Director, West Village
Headshot of Aisha Younis
Community Director, Ziegler Moore