The following services are available:

  • Professional evaluation, support, and referral to competent mental health professionals in the Lawrenceville or Princeton area, if necessary
  • Crisis evaluation and counseling during times of sudden or severe psychological distress 
  • Personal individual or group psychoeducation and counseling for any situation which is causing a student concern or upset

Most common difficulties for which students seek counseling include:

  • Trouble adjusting to college life or aspects that arise related to being a college student
  • Anxiety, depression, or confusion which may disturb ordinary life in relation to oneself, others, or academic activity 
  • Difficulty in relationships with partner, family, friends, etc.
  • Uncertainty and inexperience relative to college life 
  • Struggles related to academic pursuits
  • Lack of motivation or direction that may inhibit successful pursuit of college studies 
  • Loneliness, fear, or isolation which may make daily living and existing in a “lonely crowd” a painful experience 
  • Conflicts between personal needs and values and the needs and values of others 
  • Grief and loss of close loved ones
  • Problems related to alcohol and/or drug use or abuse

The counseling experience includes:

  • An initial session that explores the needs of the student and determines what kind of assistance would be most beneficial
  • A healthy interpersonal relationship between the student and the counselor relative to the life experience of the student 
  • Strict confidentiality with information shared with others only upon the written permission of the student