To make an appointment to be seen at the Counseling Center please call during our office hours or walk over!

Counseling Center offices are open for appointments from 9 am-4 pm Monday through Friday, while school is in session.  
Students can make appointments either by calling or walking into the Counseling Center on either campus.

  • The Lawrenceville Counseling Center is located in Zoerner House on Lawrenceville Road between Rider University's two entrances (near Public Safety) and the phone number is (609) 896-5157.
  • The Westminster Counseling Office is located on the 3rd floor of Williamson Hall and the phone number is (609) 921-7100 x8275.

When a student calls, he/she will be asked for background information such as name, age, phone number, whether a resident or commuter student, year, times available and the reason for scheduling.  This information is helpful in assigning a counselor to the student.


Referring others to University Counseling Services is an important and sometimes difficult task. A good referral is one where the student feels understood, realizes that there is a competent source of help available, and is motivated to seek out that help.

Every year many students, faculty, and staff call or come to Counseling Services expressing concern about a fellow student, friend, or roommate. We have some recommendations for how to approach the student you are concerned about.

  • Approach in a gentle, caring and non-judgmental way and specifically state why you are concerned.
  • Suggest that he/she seek out a professional assessment at Counseling Services.

Most of the time the student will feel relieved that there is help available and will agree to make an appointment.  If you want to offer extra support, you can have the student call the Lawrenceville Counseling Center (609-896-5157) or Westminster Counseling Services (609-921-7100 x8275) from your office or room, and/or offer to accompany the student to the counseling office.

If the person you are concerned about refuses to get help immediately (and it is not an emergency situation), try to be friendly and remain open to the possibility that he/she may want your help in the future.  Feel free to consult with one of our staff about any student.

Would a therapist in the Community be a good choice?

Sometimes students prefer to find treatment in the community instead of receiving services at the Counseling Center.  We at the Counseling Center also refer students for treatment in the community when it is determined most beneficial.  Several different factors can affect this decision.  Our services are provided mostly by interns supervised by licensed Counselors and Psychologists.  We also do not offer psychiatric services.  In most cases, we cannot offer long-term weekly therapy for chronic psychological difficulties.  If you need long-term weekly treatment that provides a high level of predictability and consistency in appointments, then a therapist in the community may be a better choice.  In order to maximize availability of our services to all students, we typically follow a shorter-term model of treatment and are able to be somewhat flexible with this limit. There are also a good number of students who would prefer to engage in treatment off campus because they desire the increased sense of privacy and flexibility that this offers.  If you are considering a community referral and/or needs psychiatric care, see the Community Referrals link on our website.  While our office does not specifically recommend any particular therapist or psychiatrist, we are happy to meet with your student to assist with the decision-making process.

For more information about students in distress, please refer to our other links specifically for faculty/staff, students, and parents!