Residence Hall Evacuation Assembly Points

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The following areas are DESIGNATED ASSEMBLY POINTS for each residence hall.  The designated points are outdoor points.  In parenthesis are indoor locations for each hall in case of long-term evacuation of the building or inclement weather.


Lawrenceville Campus

  • Conover -  behind Olson Hall, at the A wing side (Olson A Lounge)
  • Gee -   across the residential roadway in the open, grassy area (Lincoln A Lounge)
  • Hill -   in the grassy area by Ziegler A wing (Ziegler A Lounge)
  • Kroner -  behind Wright Hall (Wright B Lounge)
  • Lincoln -  across the residential roadway at the volleyball court (Gee A Lounge)
  • Olson -   across the residential roadway by the Hill C wing (Gee B Lounge)
  • Poyda -   in the grassy area by Centennial Lake (Ridge House Lounge)
  • Ridge House -  across the roadway in the grassy area at the rear of U. House (House 4 Lounge)
  • Switlik -  by Hill Hall, A wing side (Olson B Lounge)
  • University House - grassy area in front of U. House near Centennial Lake (House 5 Lounge)
  • West Village - grassy area between Poyda and House 5
  • Wright -  in the grassy area by the volleyball court (Kroner A Lounge)
  • Ziegler/New Building -  in the grassy area behind Ziegler  (Wright A Lounge)
  • House 1 -  grassy area across the roadway (House 4 Lounge)
  • House 3 -  across the roadway in grassy area in the rear of House 5 (House 2 Lounge)
  • House 5 -  grassy area in front of House 5 near Centennial Lake (House 3 Lounge)
  • House 7 - grassy area across the roadway (House 8 Lounge)
  • House 8 -  grassy area across the roadway (House 7 Lounge)
  • House 10 -  grassy area across the roadway (House 8 Lounge)

Westminster Choir College - Princeton Campus

  • Seabrook Hall -  The Great Plains (Dining Commons)
  • Dayton - The Great Plains (Dining Commons)
  • Ithaca -   The Great Plains (Dining Commons)
  • Princeton -  The Great Plains (Dining Commons)