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As a community, we recognize that safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Through our collaborative efforts, we can provide greater awareness of, preparedness for, and response to on-campus incidents and emergencies.  Public Safety appreciates the opportunity to share with students, faculty and staff the following emergency response information that will help each of us prepare for a variety of emergencies or situations.

We encourage students, faculty and staff to program the numbers below into their cell phones so that they are immediately available to call in an emergency:

Public Safety (non-emergency)     609-896-5029     both campuses
Public Safety (emergency) 609-896-7777     both campuses

Report suspicious persons or activity immediately to Public Safety at either of the above numbers.

Thank you for taking the time to review the emergency information below.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Public Safety at 609-896-5029.

Please also contact Public Safety if you would like to schedule training for your office, department, college or organization as it regards to active shooter, weather, hazardous materials or any of the other emergencies listed below.

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